Monday, July 14, 2008

Use of Leftovers 1: Cucumber Rojak

This is the leftovers from the satay dinner the other day. Some homemade compressed rice, tiny bit of shallots and a small bowl of cut cucumbers. For the cucumber, it was fairly easy to turn it into another dish of it's own. Scroll down to see what I did with it.

I turned it into a cold and refreshing cucumber rojak with the ready made CKC satay sauce. I always have some toasted ground peanuts and sesame seeds in my freezer. So making this dish is as easy as 123. I do love to store some ready made rojak sauce in my pantry just in case I have a craving or some leftover cucumbers. Of course you can now order this sauce at the convenience of your home, in front of your computer at

Stay tuned to see how I transform the compressed rice and shallots into! Part 2 coming up!


Beachlover said...

now you make me wanna to make my own rojak sauce!!hmmmm drooling just looking at your rojak!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi L, you know how to make your own rojak sauce? Please post the recipe when you did, k. I have some "hae ko" but I don't know how to make the rojak sauce from scratch!

Big Boys Oven said...

Very clever!

tigerfish said...

so your rojak is made with satay sauce, not with hae gho ?

daphne said...

Look at the peanuts and sesame seeds!! ooo..That's a great idea!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks BBOven.

Tigerfish, I didn't make this rojak sauce, I used the bottle one. It's made with "hae gho".

Yup Daphne, I love it with lots of peanuts!