Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dry Roasted Edamame

Look what I found while browsing through Cosco. A lightly salted dry roasted Edamame!! For those who don't know Edamame is the green soybeans in a pod commonly eaten in China and Japan. Actually my Chinese friend introduced me to this Edamame. She boils them in lightly salted water and then open the pod and eat it just like that. Edameme is healthy for us as it is high in protein, fiber, vitamin A, B and calcium. She is a vegetarian and thus she eats this for the protein. She also used it in stir-fry.

I only seen frozen Edamame here. But I was too lazy to boil them in water and then open each and everyone of them to eat so I never buy it before. Not until I saw this dry roasted Edamame. All cooked and peeled and even salted for me. Such convenience and I just had to buy it. This indeed turned out to be a good and healthy snack for me! Edda loves it too but not my picky Evy.


Anonymous said...

I bought some from dried edamame for my dad a few years ago and he said it tasted a little like Malaysia's Kacang Putih.

daphne said...

That's NEW!!! Looks like a delicious and healthy snack. I want some!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Used to get the boiled ones in Japanese restaurant....only knew it later as endamame. Hope they import these roasted ones to Malaysia.

Unknown said...

havent tried these before...i'll see if i can get some here ^_^

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Lee Ping,
Actually not too bad as a healthy snack.

Daphne, try to look for it ya!

Sweet Jasmine,
Yeah hope they do too. But I think it's still pretty new since this is the first time I've seen this dry roasted one too.

Sure Rita, good luck! :)

ICook4Fun said...

mmm i like eating Edamame but never see the dried roasted one. Have to check it out at Costco.

tigerfish said...

So these are just to crunch on and not cook, aren't they? Looks like those broad bean snacks in kacang puteh leh!