Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chee Cheong Fun with Sweet Sauce (Steamed Rice Rolls)

When I saw Lily's chee cheong fun made using a skillet, I decided to try it because it looked so easy. Oh yeah, look can be deceiving because something that she made so easily turned out to be a disaster in my kitchen. I couldn't get mine to cook before I burnt the bottom. Frustrated I tried steaming them and the same thing happen, it felt raw on top. Ended out in the trash it went. I was convinced that I would have chee cheong fun for tea time that I already made the sauce. So, I was left with my delicious sweet sauce that I wouldn't want to waste. So, I went on the web again and found another recipe to try. Making chee cheong fun definitely needs skill since we wouldn't want it to be too thick nor too thin. My first few batches were too thick but I got the hang of it in the end. I definitely need to practice more. But I do love the sweet sauce I came out with, perhaps it has shrimp paste ( hae kor) in it, it's just like the one I remembered. :)

I made my chee cheong fun with this recipe provided by Sinner. Thanks Sinner for sharing!

My Sweet Sauce Recipe:


2 heap Tbsp. of CKC rojak sauce
1/8 cup of water

1 tsp. sesame oil

1 tsp. sugar

Toasted sesame seeds, fried shallots and Sriracha chili sauce.

Boil the above (A) ingredients in a small saucepan until sugar dissolved and thicken.

To serve:
Cut some chee cheong fun, add some sweet sauce on top, garnish with some Sriracha chili sauce, lots of sesame seeds and some fried shallots. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Hi I am Ohneeyah from south Carolina. I just wanted to thank you for posting the bean curd stick and chicken meal. I enjoyed it very much.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

This looks good!

Admittedly, I'm not one for rice rolls, but I've seen people eat them with great gusto so I'm curious about them. When I found out most of them are made fresh. . .it made an impression.

SIG said...

Oh tks. I always wonder how to make ccf sauce. :)

Beachlover said...

look good to me!!..I just use hoisin sc and chow fun!sort of short cut way/lazy way!hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

i havent had this since i was about what 10??? thanks for the recipe. this looks great. can't wait to try it.

Sinner said...

Hi belachan, your plate of ccf looks so tempting. So glad you got there in the end :)

Par said...

Thats something i like to make later, in my head I didn't think it be too hard but well see when I try it out...hahaha probably be frustrated :P

daphne said...

U made your own CCF??!?! Wah, hv to roll each one. Amazing. U r so hardworking!

As for the sauce, I didnt know it can be made. I thought it come out from a jar. Gosh, I'm was so naive! darn!

Anonymous said...

Yum! One of my favourite breakfast food. Good thing I can easily get this here in Singapore - otherwise I'd be very tempted to make this myself.

Lore said...

I should definitely try rice rolls sometime! Looks delish :)

tigerfish said...

You make your own Cheong Fun? Wow!

Little Corner of Mine said...

You are so welcome ohneeyah. Thanks for the feedback and so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks [eatingclub]. Yeah we for one like it and sometimes just want to have a plate. Hehehe...

SIG, mine is the short cut version, more towards Penang style. ;)

Hehe Beachlover, actually mine is also the short cut way, from the bottled rojak sauce! :P

Thanks diva. CCF needed skill to make it at home but it's doable! :)

Thank you Sinner and thanks again for the recipe. I finally got to eat my CCF! I need to practice more for sure. :P

Hahaha...Ms。2be,Good Luck! Let me know your result! :)

Daphne, actually my sauce was actually came out from a jar. Hehehe....short cut way. Oh yeah, I was hardworking for this CCF, because steamed and rolled each one took a while. *Thiam jiak mah, what to do? ;P*

Jo, good thing you get to buy where you are. Actually we can order the fried XO steamed rice rolls in the Chinese restaurant in Denver. But not with the sweet sauce that we familiar with. time should ask them whether they can sell me the plain steamed rice rolls or not.

Thanks Lore! Yes do try, probably can get it in the Malaysian restaurant.

Yeah lor Tigerfish, thiam jiak mah. :P

Anonymous said...

This dish is the main reason I could never give up carbs! Suddenly I'm starving!

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so so yummy!