Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Edda's Dinner Plate

Stir-fry Chinese green with carrot, Pork Rendang (pork dry curry), and Japanese rice ball with filling (onigiri).

Got this idea from Peony and coincidently I have the pork floss and furikake and the Japanese rice mold from D. So, wait no further, I made this for my daughters. Evy didn't want hers with furikake so I omitted that for her. They loved it so much that they wanted this for lunch tomorrow as well. Thanks Peony & D! :)


Press some warm rice into the mold, add a layer of pork floss, top with more warm rice, use the cover provided by the mold to close it, press slightly. Turn it over and push the rice out from the hole. Decorate the top of the rice ball with some Furikake. Alternately, you can shape the rice ball by hands and use less filling.


tigerfish said...

Kids are so lucky these days. I don't remember having that when I was younger. I used to eat a "dog bowl" :O

daphne said...

That's so pretty!
I have to try to make that soon. I dont have the mold though, I guess I have to be creative and shape with my hands or with a egg ring or something? Any suggestions?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Are you serious, Tigerfish?

Daphne, I found this website for you, check it out! You don't need any mold to make onigiri, just like the old time. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you teach me how to make the Japanese rice?
my email address:


Peony said...

very cute and pretty. I love the plate, heehee.
wah, your girl can eat spicy rendeng?

Jo said...

Can Edda take spicy food liek the Rendang? Mine is really bad with spicy food although he is IN Malaysia. Must be the genetic problem, we both don't take spicy food :P

Retno Prihadana said...

It´s so cute.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Berry,
Do you mean sushi rice? I found this recipe for you. As for this onigiri, I didn't add any seasoning into the rice.

Thanks Peony. Yes, they can eat the spicy rendang.

Yes Jo, both of them can take some spicy food. Edda did better than the big sister as Evy needed to drink water.

Thanks Retno! :)

SIG said...

I wish mine can eat the spicy rendang too. Lovely meal you have there. ;)

Anonymous said...

The onigiri rice is so cute. Thanks for sharing I must try this Saturday to make for my kids.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks sig! ;)

You're welcome suesue. Actually we should thanks Peony. I just made more for my daughters' lunch today. :)

petite fleur said...


I'd hopped over from Peony. All these onigiri is making me want some right now. Thanks for the link. I'll see how to do it without a mould.