Thursday, July 10, 2008

Satay Dinner Again!

While replying to Cooking Ninja regarding my satay sauce and compressed rice, Evy walked by and saw the satay chicken. She loved satay chicken and of course requested that I make it for her. I was salivating looking at the pictures and reminiscing how good the satay sauce taste, so I told her I will make satay for dinner the next day.

Yummy and moist satay chicken! Help yourself ya!

My homemade compressed rice, seedless cucumber and shallot.

Peanut satay sauce. Dipping sauce for the satay chicken and accompaniment.

And guess what I ended out using? The Rasaku satay marinade & sauce mix!! I was pleasantly surprised with this brand because I was quite skeptical when I saw the satay sauce that came in the packet. It was in powder form and all I needed to add was water and oil. I was contemplating of making my own sauce or using this powder and decided to give it a try. The sauce looked okay when thicken, so I did a taste test and it was not too bad. But I wanted more flavor out of it and creamier in texture, so I added some creamy peanut butter and toasted ground peanuts into the sauce. Now it looked really good and tasted superb. I won't be hesitating in buying this brand again, just for convenience and it's authenticity in taste. If you want to try it too, you can buy it online at I just checked the website and now this paste is on sales for $1.95! Grab it before it's gone!


Dwiana P said...

I never get bored with satay. It is easy to make and so fun to cook. yaww just put in the grill and I don't have to deal with the heat in the kitchen.

Retno Prihadana said...

Yummmmyyy....Satay is one of my favourite dish. I prefer to make the sauce by my own.....from peanut butter and spices :))

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Love the satays! Is it chicken breast meat or thigh meat? Did you grill them? I want one!

ICook4Fun said...

Look soooo appetizing. One of my fav meal of all time. May I have some, pleaseeeee.. I too made some two weeks ago for our BBO but have yet to post it at my blog. My niece Japanese BF went crazy over it as he said he never taste anything like it before. I've tried this satay sauce and like you I added some crunchy peanut butter to it.

Lia said...

i have an idea to make satay for tomorrow in our family gathering but finally has been cancel due of my laziness :(

its yum!

Beachlover said...

wowo!! now you make me wanna to reach out and grab few sticks!!..Hmmmm usually I don't really interested in powder paste,coz once the shrimp noodles powder paste really smell as you said it's taste good,maybe I give a try when I find it in Chinatown.

SIG said...

Wow, kids all love satay. Mine included. I guess it's easy food on a stick.

Sweet Jasmine said...

It takes a lot of hard work to make satay and the sauce...this packet of sauce comes in handy. will try to look out for this brand. It comes in powder form, right?

tigerfish said...

Have you tried the Rasaku brand chicken curry? It's quite good too!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Joanna and I visit your blog everyday for lovely ideas. My today's question is however not related to your recipes but blogging. I started a blog of my own yesterday and I have 3 articles posted. However the date & time only appears on my last post. The other 2 post yesterday only has the time but no date. Can you help explain to me how to correct this? Sorry ya. Im writing to you cos I know you're good in blogging and blog everyday. Thanks much!

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's right Dwiana, I just love satay!

Retno, I would make the satay sauce myself too but since I already have the premix, why not give it a try right? ;)

Thanks js! It's chicken breast meat, cool right? Lean and delicious! I brushed with oil before I grilled them with my indoor electric grill.

Gert, help yourself! :P This premix is pretty good, can you imagine making satay can be so easy these days?

Thanks Lia. Sorry that your gathering was canceled.

Beachlover, oh yeah I was really surprised too. Just remember to add some peanut butter and toasted peanuts to make the sauce tastes even better.

Yes D. Easy and yummy too!

Yes Sweet Jasmine, it's in powder form. Remember to add peanut butter and toasted peanuts while making the dipping sauce ya!

Tigerfish, actually no. But I think I have a packet of Rasaku assam fish/curry fish which I have yet to try.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Joanna,
If you published the post on the same day, only the first post will show the date and the last two will only show the time. It will show the date and time if you publish it on different day. Hope it helps! And welcome to blogging! :)

ICook4Fun said...

There is an award for you at my blog :)

Anita said...

I bought a packet of this Satay marinade yesterday at our local asian market, may i know how many tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and toasted ground peanuts needed to make the sauce more creamy and tasty ?

Thanks in advance

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi AK,
I can only give you an estimate, about 3 heap Tbsp. of creamy peanut butter and 4 Tbsp. toasted peanuts. After that you can just taste and adjust accordingly to your taste.