Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Home-cooked Meal

I finally got some break and free to cook dinner for my girls again.  And because I started cooking and have more free time now, I also get to update my blog more often.  The above was just one of the dinners that I made at home.  I made some Korean radish side dish the other day with a round radish that I had.  I also loved to have some Korean fish cake in the freezer whenever it was on sale.  It was easy to defroze and can be easily whipped up in a meal, or threw it in soup.  Always needed to make sure we have plenty of vegetable in our meal, so a plate of bok choy was a must.  And some chicken to create a balance meal.

School has started for my girls.  With the school starting, it also mean I will have to prepare 2 lunch boxes for my girls, one for middle school and one for high school.  My daughters preferred to take home lunch instead of eating school lunch as she told me school lunch was really gross (which was fine by me because I preferred them to eat organic and non-GMO food).  Well, more work for me as I liked to prepare hot lunch instead of cold lunch, but whatever works.  Hence, I always scouting at Costco for any offer that I could make into a quick lunch box for my girls.  Stock up when it was on sales and think ahead so that I could steal an extra 10 minutes of sleep.  I also like to make the hot lunch the night before so that I could just heat it up in the microwave before putting the food into the thermos or kept warm lunch box container.  Here, to the new school year and may my two daughters adjusted to their new school environment smoothly and successfully!