Sunday, December 22, 2019

Air Fried Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato always goes on sale during the holidays season, so I bought a few to make my sweet potato pie and air fry sweet potato fries.  I am very much prefer the sweet potato than the potato because it is healthier.  I like red potato for the baked crispy potatoes and Russet potato for smashed potatoes.  Anyway, with the air fryer, making sweet potato fries is so much easier and I have a meal ready in less than 40 minutes.

I am serving the sweet potato fries with my air fried Cornish hen and butter thyme broccoli.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Air Fried Cornish Hen

Air-frying Cornish hen sounds like an excellent idea.  I used to deep-fried my Cornish hen but it left my kitchen with smell.  With air-frying, it was quick and I didn't have to use a lot of oil.  Thus I can have my dinner in less than 45 minutes.

Ready for air frying.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Air-fried 5 Spice Tofu

This recipe popped into my mind while I was exercising on my stationary bike.  I know tofu takes the flavor of the marinade and I thought of an Asian style flavoring.  Like what if I marinate it with soy sauce and add 5 spice powder into it?  The other spices just came together while I was seasoning the tofu.

Did I mention how much I loved my air-fryer?  It just gave me so much more convenience when cooking the fried tofu.  I used to pan-fry the tofu in 2 batches and now I just threw it into the deep-fryer and it was done in 13 minutes.  How convenient is that?

Seasoned and marinated tofu cubes ready for air frying.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Thanksgiving Meal 2019

Our mini Thanksgiving meal.  My girls and I just loved the green bean casserole so we had to cook it again and this time we paired it with slow cooker turkey (I overcooked it and it turned out a bit dry and then I burnt it while I set it on broil!!! *slap face*), gravy and air-fried sweet potato tots.

Luckily my girls still like the turkey and said it was fine with the gravy.  Well, I did learn a lesson with each failure, don't ever trust the recipe completely and always check half way for sure.

My sweet potato pie from scratch!  I just can't do without it every holiday season.  A must have for my girls and I and in addition to that we also added the apple crumble pie into our tradition.  Those pies are so good homemade from scratch and it is just irresistible for us.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Air-fried Cauliflower

With the recent purchase of an Air-fryer, it is time for experimentation.  I loved the ideas of fast cooking time, easy to clean, minimum to no oil used and no smell in the kitchen.  Cauliflower was on sales at Sprouts so I bought some to cook.  It was a bit of an hassle to stir fry the cauliflower as more cutting and preparation was involved so I decided to air-fry it.  It turned out great and so easy to make and so quick to cook.  It prompted me to go to Sprouts again to buy more cauliflower!!

I paired it with chicken rendang and a delicious dinner was created.  Click next page for my recipe.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

My New Toy- Air Fryer

After hearing about the Air-fryer for two years, I decided to buy one from Costco when it went on sales.  I hope this turned out to be a good investment for me as my readers probably know that I am a pretty health conscious individual and I really sold to the idea of deep-frying with no or minimal oil.  What makes this great is it only took few minutes to cook and it doesn't leave my house smelling like I have just deep-fried some food.  As of now, I am loving my deep-fryer!

I tried it with Alexia's sweet potato tots, 400'F for 13 minutes, shaking half way and it turned out great.

I also tried it with mini Asian spring rolls that I bought at Costco.  400'F for 8 minutes, turn over half way.

Ling Ling's pot stickers.  I think I need to brush it with egg wash to produce the golden brown effect, other than that it does taste crispy and the inside is cooked through.  400'F for 10 minutes.

Lastly, I used it to bake Cod fish.  It cooked great, just be aware that lots of water came out from the fish.  So, perhaps line the bottom of the air fryer with a parchment paper for easy cleaning.

I also tried it with deep-fried tofu and it turned out well as

Monday, October 21, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Stir-Fried Chicken with Green Beans

While I was shopping at Sprouts, I saw this beautiful green beans on sale.  I couldn't resist myself and bought some to cook this favorite dish of mine.  The trick of cooking green bean is you have to deep-fry it first, so that it would keep the crunch. 

So first, marinate the cut chicken breast with soy sauce, garlic powder, white pepper, rice wine, sesame oil and cornstarch.  Mix well and set aside.  Then, you deep-fry the green bean until it changed color, dish out and set aside.  After that, you heat up some oil in the wok, add in some diced garlic and the chicken and fry until cook through.  Add in the green beans and season with oyster sauce and premium dark soy sauce.  Mix well and serve hot on a plate.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Egg Tart Pie

My girls loved Chinese egg tarts.  However, in order to eat egg tarts, we would have to drive up to Denver (about an hour plus away).  One can either order it in a Dim Sum restaurant or get it to go at some Chinese shops.  With my schedule right now, we don't have time to drive up to Denver that often, also when whether permitting, usually I don't planning to drive up there when it will be snowing or extremely cold.

Hence, I figured I could make it into a pie, cut down on the time and give my girls a quick fix.  Thus, this lazy version of the egg tart pie is created.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Stir-fried Black Bean Cutterfish with Celery

I loved cutterfish.  I will buy some frozen cutterfish when I am in the Asian supermarket because it is easy to defroze and it tastes really delicious.  I made this dish easily with some organic celery and the ready made bottled chili in black bean sauce and bottled hot chili paste with peanuts.  My girls enjoyed this dish too even for my younger girl who doesn't like spicy food.