Monday, October 23, 2006

More Pictures!

I hope you guys enjoy looking at baby pictures because I have not been cooking and no food picture to post. :P

This is Edda at 2 plus weeks old. She still has jaundice and it has been two weeks and she is still yellow looking. Her blood test today showed slight decrease in the bilirubin level, so that's good news. She will need another blood drawn this Wednesday to see if it's down for good. My poor baby feets were covered with bandages since birth. Poor thing!

My mom burping her.

Sun bathing in her bassinet.

Sun bathing in her bassinet.

Picture with her big sister.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Birth Story

Oct 3rd was like another normal day for me. I brought my mom and Evy to walk around the neighborhood since the weather was nice. Went to bed as usual, but awoke with some coughing and found I was leaking fluid. Thought I peed myself since I never had water broke on it's own before. Cleaned up and went to bed again but with a towel underneath just in case. Another burst of water few minutes later and started to think it might be my water broke. Went downstair to tell my hubby and it was around 12:30am. Called my birth center to let them know I was going to come in, packed up some last minute item, woke up my mom and Evy and headed to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, around 1:30am, I started to have some contractions (not really painful). Reached the hospital at 2am, checked into Triage and got checked, I was already 5cm dilated and 90% effaced, and contractions around 3-5 mins apart. It took them awhile to get me a room and by the time they did, it was already 3am. Evy was too excited about the new baby coming that she couldn't sleep at all. I was having contractions on and off and the pain was manageable. Got checked again around 4:15am and I was only dilated to 6cm but fully effaced. I was thinking it must be awhile before I was going to have this baby since the progress was kinda slow. But my mom predicted I was going to have the baby at 5am.

But at around 4:45am, I knew I was in transition, I asked to be checked because the pain was very intense and it had moved to the back. I was right, I was at 8cm and half of my cervix was gone and the nurse rushed out to call the doc. on duty. I wanted to push around 5:05am but the nurse asked me not to push yet. The doc. came in at 5:10am and I was asked to push around 5:15am. After 4 contractions and pushing, the baby was out at 5:18am. I did it all without epidural or pain medication, so I felt the "Ring of Fire" through and through, it's the most painful thing I had experienced. No episiotomy this time, but a 2nd degree tear. My healing was so much easier and less painful from the last time.

Glad to experience both natural birth and birth with pitocin (induction with Evy) and gladly say that it's so much faster and less painful with natural birth then being induced with pitocin, so for the ladies out there, if you can hold on until your body is ready to have the baby, just wait it out, the contraction is soooooo much less frequent and less painful. Also, let it tear naturally instead of an episiotomy, talk to your OB/GYN about it because the healing is so much faster and less painful .

Lastly, sharing two more pictures of little Edda. She is still under the light treatment as her last blood test showed her level was still high. Will get check again on Monday.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Edda got jaundice and she has been under the light since yesterday and continue today because her level is still high. Will do another blood test tomorrow and hopefully it goes down further. She hasn't been pooping well also and thus she looks pretty yellow.

Since she is breastfeed, she rejected the pacifier and used me as her pacifier instead. So, she needs me to fall asleep. She loves to be carried or sleep besides me instead of her crib. So, we are working on letting her sleeping in her crib. But if I am tired, I will let her sleep besides me since she sleeps well like that.

Sorry won't be able to update as often as I like, quite tight down with a sick baby at the moment.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Introducing Baby Edda

She has a little jaundice today so we have to get her under the sun for the next two days before going for another blood drawn.

She lost 7 oz of her birth weight since birth.

Will post my birth story when I'm free to write. Now I'm suffering from engorgement and backache.

Happy Mooncake Festival Everyone!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Baby Edda is here!!

Only managed for a quick update now.

My water broke a week early around 12am (unexpectedly) and I had the baby at around 5am. Just got discharged from the hospital and now recovering. Will post more detail birth story and baby pictures later.

She is 8lb 6.5oz (another big baby!!)
20.5 inches

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gift From Home

My mom is here! Yup, she came all the way from Malaysia to help me look after Evy and my confinement month. She arrived yesterday evening and now is still asleep in bed. Below are the goodies she got me!

Mooncake of course, what else? :oP

The design of this mooncake box is just too unique that I had to show it.

Haha...even the mould is unique! All the money sign should tell you it's from Genting Casino. Hehee...

What the inside looks like! Single yolk pandan lotus paste with melon seeds, Yummy!

My brother in-law went back to Muar, Johor to get me this Wife Cake!

Read so much about it and finally got to sample it!

Got this.

And this.

Not bad at all! Thanks BIL!! :o)