Monday, April 27, 2015

Power O's Bars

This Power O's Bar was inspired by a YouTube video but that video didn't give out the measurement so I had to experiment with it.  I was short of chocolate chips hence mine was only covered 1/3 of the bars.  No worry though, the measurement that I gave below should be enough to cover the whole thing without fail.  Haha...

Anyway, I think this is a great way to finish up the half box of cereal that has been sitting in the pantry for ages.  I was attracted to this Power O's that was made with beans and non-GMO verified while I was shopping few months ago where they were given out sample to try at the store.  It was on promotion and did I say made with beans and non-GMO verified, so I was sold!  But my girls hardly eat them and prefer bread to cereal as breakfast so I have to make this into something that they couldn't resist and yet nutritional to them.  So, here it is!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cilantro Pesto Chicken Small Shells

One pot dish that can last for lunch and dinner is an easier way to feed the family.  I would just make sure that I have one protein and lots of vegetable for a well balance diet.  It is really healthy with this pesto too as cilantro can move heavy metal out of your body and you will get the benefits of garlic, pecan, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil into your body.  Note that I used sea salt and Himalayan salt instead of table salt.  If you are still using the table salt, please google about it and starts making the change.

This dish is really easy and delicious, try it and feedback to me ya!  I would love to hear/read about it!  :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cranberries Oat Cookies

I wanted to show my appreciation to my manager on my last day of work and what's better way to show it by giving her a packet of my homemade cookies that were made with love?  I hope she will like my cookies as that's how I spread my love to others.  

I loved receiving homemade baked or food too as I know there were love and efforts put into making those.  Always being appreciative of others' effort is a value that I taught my girls, don't take things for granted.

These cookies are crunchy with the fragrant of butter mixed with vanilla, and oh so good!  It makes a great gift too as it holds well in shape when packaged.