Monday, May 30, 2005

Bak Chang Season

It's the chang/chung season again! The urge to eat chang made me wrapped my own bak chang this year. I didn't get to make it two years back because (1) I was pregnant and (2) had to take care of a baby last year. I think the color was not dark enough, other than that, it tasted pretty good. This time I managed to use all my filling along with the glutinous rice, (all agaration and thus sometimes with leftover filling). I tried to stuff as much filling and wrap the chang as big as I could with the short bamboo leaves that I bought. (greedy! :0P)

Mental Note: Don't ever buy the short nice bamboo leaves again! But buy the long bamboo leaves, wide is a plus. Then, it's a guarentee big chang everytime.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Giant King Crab

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While we were dining at one of the Seafood Restaurant in J.B., a reporter from a Chinese Newspaper (Nanyang) came to this restaurant to take some pictures. So, the owner (I guess) asked one of the kitchen chef to come out and hold the crab for the reporter. Chong took this opportunity to take some pictures as well. Heard that this King Crab was imported from U.S. and cost more than RM$1000. Whoa, now I wonder who would want to eat this crab? This is one expensive seafood restaurant, the steamed fish that we ordered cost more than $100.

Like My Pose?

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This picture was taken in M'sia. I like this picture a lot so I thought I shared it here. She was trying on a dress that her kuku bought her and while undressing her, we thought why not took a half naked picture of her. Who would know she even pose it for us. LOL!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Food on Air

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The food served on Singapore Airline while on the way to Taipei. Chicken Glutinous Rice and can I say YUMMY! Our first meal was stir-fried noodle in shrimps and jumbo scallops (sorry didn't get to take picture), it was delicious. It had chinese meal included in all the selection and of course I chose all the chinese meal and it was all delicious. On the way back to U.S., we stopped at South Korean so the food was mainly Korean food or American food or Indian food. Anyone knows why Indian love Singapore Airline because the majority of the passenger were Indians and they even have a special Indian menu in all the flights. I heard Malaysian Airline serves excellent food as well.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm back!

Glad to be back! Sorry Kirsten and Jo about me being unable to meet up with you ladies. My short time in PJ was really rushed and with no vehicle, it's just tough. The heat and humidity were something we were not accustom to anymore, we are really spoiled by the weather here. Poor Evy always had wet hair (covered with sweat) and rosy cheeks (from heat) while back home. She also got sick on the night before we were flying home. She made it through the flights and now resting at home. She hates her medicines and we have a hard time feeding it to her. This is her first time being so sick and we are just an inexperience parents. Hope she will recover soon.