Friday, May 20, 2005

Food on Air

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The food served on Singapore Airline while on the way to Taipei. Chicken Glutinous Rice and can I say YUMMY! Our first meal was stir-fried noodle in shrimps and jumbo scallops (sorry didn't get to take picture), it was delicious. It had chinese meal included in all the selection and of course I chose all the chinese meal and it was all delicious. On the way back to U.S., we stopped at South Korean so the food was mainly Korean food or American food or Indian food. Anyone knows why Indian love Singapore Airline because the majority of the passenger were Indians and they even have a special Indian menu in all the flights. I heard Malaysian Airline serves excellent food as well.

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Anonymous said...

the food really looks appetizing. dunno about the Indian story and SIA. But we often travelled on SIA to and fro to each country and back. the meals on Cathay Pacific are quite bad. MAL's are quite good, I heard too.