Monday, May 23, 2005

Giant King Crab

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While we were dining at one of the Seafood Restaurant in J.B., a reporter from a Chinese Newspaper (Nanyang) came to this restaurant to take some pictures. So, the owner (I guess) asked one of the kitchen chef to come out and hold the crab for the reporter. Chong took this opportunity to take some pictures as well. Heard that this King Crab was imported from U.S. and cost more than RM$1000. Whoa, now I wonder who would want to eat this crab? This is one expensive seafood restaurant, the steamed fish that we ordered cost more than $100.


Anonymous said...

there is a seafood restaurant in Singapore that is famous for their over-sized seafood too. US$1000 to import it? Definitely, gourmet food. What did you eat at the restaurant. did you take photos of it?

Little Corner of Mine said...

No, is RM$1000+ to eat it, not sure how much they import it. Sorry, didn't take any photos of the food. The main seafood we ordered were the steamed fish and sambal sotong, the rest were their homemade tofu with minced meat on top (very good), crispy chicken (super! the skin was really crispy and the meat tender and juicy, unlike the rest I ate), bak ku king (pork in red sauce), and two veggies. The food was very good and costs $300+.

Anonymous said...

$300 ringgit is very cheap according to Singapore's standard. the restaurant I told you uncle brought us there to eat once when Spice Girl(my cousin came back to SG to visit) He order that King Crab. Each table costs S$900+++ we had the king crabs, geoduck, bamboo shellfish, steamed fish and the usual noodles and vegetables dishes.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Aunty Belachan, didn't know u have a blog! :) Found this accidentally by accidentally saw ur other yahoo personal site.

Anyway...nice blog! :)


Little Corner of Mine said...

Ray, thanks for leaving your mark here, if not I won't know you have stopped by.

Oh yeah Gina, how does a geoduck tastes like? I saw it at the seafood restaurant too, very expensive ugly looking thing, wondering how they cook it?

Anonymous said...

geoduck was sliced and blanched quickly. They had a special sauce drizzled on top. Its meant to be eaten raw. like fresh raw oysters. The taste is very unique..dunno how to explain to you. but no fishy smell, chewy ..for raw, eat like sashimi. yeah I know..looks very disgusting.