Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gift From Home

My mom is here! Yup, she came all the way from Malaysia to help me look after Evy and my confinement month. She arrived yesterday evening and now is still asleep in bed. Below are the goodies she got me!

Mooncake of course, what else? :oP

The design of this mooncake box is just too unique that I had to show it.

Haha...even the mould is unique! All the money sign should tell you it's from Genting Casino. Hehee...

What the inside looks like! Single yolk pandan lotus paste with melon seeds, Yummy!

My brother in-law went back to Muar, Johor to get me this Wife Cake!

Read so much about it and finally got to sample it!

Got this.

And this.

Not bad at all! Thanks BIL!! :o)


Gracio said...

my my! Ching, u must be jumping with joy! Indeed, the mooncake boxes are usually very beautiful!! Im filled with envy and drooling all over cuz of the mooncakes & Wife's biscuits. :)

Have a smooth delivery and take gd care! Missing u! :) *Hugz*

Peony said...

so happy to know that your mum is there to look after you after birth. enjoy your mooncakes.

My hometown is Ipoh and don't even know that brand of wife biscuit exist.Only know that Ipoh famous for heong piah, pomelo and Ipoh horfun. so 'malu'..

Alicia said...

All the yummy goodies!!! Lucky girl!! Glad your mom's here...:) It will be great!!!

Edith said...

I am sure you are having this warm feeling inside you with your mommy around and not forgetting those goodies that you have got!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Gracio! :)

Oops Peony! I'm soooo malu because I was the one that made the mistake!! *red face* It's not from Ipoh but from Muar. Alamak, so malu!!

Buzz2, yes it's great! :)

Edith, yes, I was shedding happy tears when I saw my mom walked out from the airport!

LittleHands said...

Ching, the weatlth mooncake is really very cute. This is the 1st time I've seen it.

Popping very soon, right? :-). Take good care.

Anonymous said...

hi! i tried out your Kuih Bangkit recipe and they turned out crispy and slightly burnt after 13 mins at 180 celsius. how do we make them melty/soft in the inside and cripsy on the outside?

i still have some batter left and wondering if i should cut the cookies thicker or reduce the baking time or reduce the temperature!

this is my very first attempt at baking of any sort and i guess it is considered a success!


Unknown said...

Ching, all the lovely goodies, bursting with your family's love. You should be delivering very soon right> Take good care okay?

Peony said...

check with my bro in Ipoh. He said that Ipoh does have old wife n husband biscuits but not the ones like in your pic.
think yours is more famous. That's why my brother never give me wife biscuits from Ipoh when he visits me, and poor me never know Ipoh got such biscuits too.
think better 'balek kampong' more often now :)

peitempo said...

Every descriptions you posted here filled with happiness. I am happy for you too having your mommy by your side. Btw, my mommy will be visiting too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching, I was just wondering whether you had delivered yet as you seem to be continuing as normal with your blog. (Amazing) Congratulations to you and hubby on the addition to your family member. I am sure in good time you will introduce MeiMei to us. Take care_K

Anonymous said...

hey u lucky woman! great that u have family with u at ur most needy times :)

Anonymous said...

so many good looking treats! yum!

Anonymous said...

i from Malaysia
i like your blog so much
u are cooking n baking gao shou
thanks so much