Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Air-fried Cauliflower

With the recent purchase of an Air-fryer, it is time for experimentation.  I loved the ideas of fast cooking time, easy to clean, minimum to no oil used and no smell in the kitchen.  Cauliflower was on sales at Sprouts so I bought some to cook.  It was a bit of an hassle to stir fry the cauliflower as more cutting and preparation was involved so I decided to air-fry it.  It turned out great and so easy to make and so quick to cook.  It prompted me to go to Sprouts again to buy more cauliflower!!

I paired it with chicken rendang and a delicious dinner was created.  Click next page for my recipe.


1 floret of cauliflower
Cumin powder
Paprika powder
Himalayan pink salt
Avocado oil spray


1.  Cut cauliflower into pieces, washed and let dry.

2.  Season with cumin, paprika and salt according to taste.  Mix well.

3.  Spray with avocado oil and toss to mix well.

4.  Pour mixture into the air-fryer basket and set the temperature to 400'F and the timer to 11 minutes.

5.  Check half way to give it a toss.

6.  Serve immediately when done.  Enjoy!

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