Saturday, December 07, 2019

My New Toy- Air Fryer

After hearing about the Air-fryer for two years, I decided to buy one from Costco when it went on sales.  I hope this turned out to be a good investment for me as my readers probably know that I am a pretty health conscious individual and I really sold to the idea of deep-frying with no or minimal oil.  What makes this great is it only took few minutes to cook and it doesn't leave my house smelling like I have just deep-fried some food.  As of now, I am loving my deep-fryer!

I tried it with Alexia's sweet potato tots, 400'F for 13 minutes, shaking half way and it turned out great.

I also tried it with mini Asian spring rolls that I bought at Costco.  400'F for 8 minutes, turn over half way.

Ling Ling's pot stickers.  I think I need to brush it with egg wash to produce the golden brown effect, other than that it does taste crispy and the inside is cooked through.  400'F for 10 minutes.

Lastly, I used it to bake Cod fish.  It cooked great, just be aware that lots of water came out from the fish.  So, perhaps line the bottom of the air fryer with a parchment paper for easy cleaning.

I also tried it with deep-fried tofu and it turned out well as