Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice (红薯糙米饭)

In my list of 10 most healthy food, brown rice is number 1 and sweet potato is number 3, behind onion.  Sweet potato is also number 1 in detox, or getting rid of "poison in your body" in the Chinese saying.  This is another of my easy way to enjoy the sweet potato.  I just put it in my rice cooker and cook it with my brown rice.  For 2 cups of brown rice, I added 1 organic sweet potato, cubed and cook it like usual.  When it's done, I left it for 10-15 minutes before lightly stir it.  Be careful not to break the sweet potato as it would be soft.  It's okay if you mash some of it as well.   Sweet potato regardless of color is one of the super-food and I will make sure to eat it often.


Mabel @ mdcooksfor2 said...

I love okinawa purple sweet potatoes! they're so sweet and delicious.

I also bake them to make "fries"
Especially yams with cayenne and smoked paprika.

I just made this spaghetti squash bake that can be vegetarian. super pretty and low carb because it isn't pasta!

Nava K said...

Sweet potatoes are my fav but I have not combined with brown rice. My choice of rice is basmati for health reasons, esp my other half's diabetic. I will try with this rice and follow your recipe and see how the taste will be.

daphne said...

I agree!! And pumpkin as well. It also add the little touch of sweetness to the nutty brown rice!

tigerfish said...

I cook sweet potato porridge (mixed grains - including brown rice) at least once a week!