Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nyonya Changs for Dumpling Festival

My first Nyonya Chang, recipe courtesy of LeeLee.

So greedy with my filling that I think I overstuffed every one of them. :P

This is my changs for the Dumpling Festival this year. :) Instead of my usual Hokkein bak chang, I decided to try LeeLee's Nyonya chang. I love Nyonya chang but I always thought it called for coconut milk. But when LeeLee posted her recipe, I saw that there was no coconut milk involved and I have all the ingredients at home. So, why not give this a try. I ended out with too much filling, greedy as always and afraid that it won't be enough. Thus, I still have some leftover filling in my freezer ready for the next batch (I'm out of the bamboo leaves at the moment).

Even though this was my first attempt, I am very happy with the result. The sweetness and saltiness are just nice and I am glad that I get to eat rice dumpling this year! Thanks LeeLee for sharing! :D

One thing about this chang though is a lot of cutting work since every ingredient needs to be cut into small pieces. I think I stood in my kitchen for more than an hour just cutting the ingredients.


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hey C!
Thanks for sharing with me your lovely, tasty, nonya chang! I love all that filling leh! Ate one tonight-YUMMY! Next time you'll have to sit down and cut the ingredients! :)

Lee Ping said...

Nyonya Chang is my favorite Chang among all the other Bah Changs. A few months ago, I tried to replicate the Nyonya Chang that I had made by our neighbor in Malaysia. Mom and I even exchanged our ideas on the ingredients through Skype phone. My girlfriends and neighbors helped me recreate the recipe. I think we finally got it. I had the right recipe, just did not chop it small enough. The spiciness from coriander powder, sweetness from winter melon and the saltiness from the pork distinguished Nyonya Chang from all the other Bah Changs. Your Chang looks great.

Peony said...

nice looking changs..

btw, do u boil your changs in batches or all-in-go ? you have a big pot to cook the dumplings ah ?

I have never tried making cos dont have a big pot to cook the dumplings..also the cleaning of the leaves put me off..heehee

Anonymous said...

they look yummy! ;)

Anonymous said...

My mom learned how to make Nyonya chang from my grandma and it is super delicious but it's a lot of work. In the past when I was home, I used to help her out with my sis slicing the onion and garlic super thin, the dried mushrooms and the sugar melon...washing the leaves etc.

Little Corner of Mine said...

V, glad you like it. :) I'm thinking time better make bak chang...hahaha...

Thanks Lee Ping. I also noticed that my ingredients were not chop fine enough, since I could see pieces of meat and filling in mine while I couldn't seem to see pieces of filling in others. Man, a lot of chopping work!

Thanks Peony! I do have a big pot to boil my dumplings, but it fit about 45 changs in one go. So, still have to boil in batches depending on how much I made. Yes, it's a pain to clean and wipe every leaf, but over here if I don't make it, no chance to eat it leh. "bor pein"

Thanks tweetybird. :)

Cooking Ninja,
Yes, this is definitely a lot of work. I started out didn't realize that it actually more work than making bak chang, now I know! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I always like dumplings with more fillings than rice, so your overstuffed dumplings are ok with me :p

I don't recall the Nyonya chang I've had before has any coconut milk in it but I think the sweetened melon strips in them complement so well with savory meat that makes me like Nyonya chang. I like hokkien bak chang too (those with chucks of meat, mushrooms, and chestnuts)...yumm yumm.

Edith said...

wow Ching, new blog look. Love it. You must teach me how to do that nice header.

Love your bak chang too, mommy not around this year so no bak chang for me. Yours making me hungry.

Anonymous said...


I have always been a silent reader of your blog. I need to tap on your local knowledge on some issues... is that ok?

I have a 2mth old baby and will be goin to Denver. I'm wondering how much it cost of vacinate my girl there... is it covered by most medicate insurance.

Thank you for your time.


Mandy said...

kudos! Chang is something I wish I could make.Simply like glutinous rice! Think you can sell yours during dumpling festival. Looks so yummy.

Lee Ping said...

When my girlfriends and I were having the Nyonya Chang cookout, we used food processor. :)

Home Cooking said...

great job, u've done very hard work.

Little Corner of Mine said...

LOL! I like hokkien bak chang too with the fragrant of 5-spice powder and chuck of ingredients! :)

Thanks! For the header, I just used Photoshop and piece 4 of my photos together and put some texts at the bottom only lah. Nothing fancy! If you live closer, I can give you some Nyonya changs. :)

Hi Mint,
Are you going to move here or visit Denver? If you live here, all the vacination is covered by the insurance, you just have to pay a co-pay (depending on your insurance) at each visit. Without insurance, it will be very expensive here.

Thanks! Haha...I think I should sell my chang hor? ;) Perhaps I should start taking order next year because a lot of people want to eat but just simply don't have time to make (or don't know how to make).

Lee Ping,
Food processor is a great idea! I should try this next time. Thanks for the idea! :)

Thanks I sha! :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks very much for taking time to answer my question. I will be there for abt 1 year.
Heard abt the atrocious medical cost there, so I was a little worried.


Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome Mint! When you are here and if you ever want to meet us, just drop me or Lily a line ya!

When are you coming over? Just to let you know that the winter here can be extremely cold.

WokandSpoon said...

Your first attempt looks like it came out fantastically! I'm drooling at the screen ;-) I'll have to try this one day - it just seems like a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I always enjoyed reading ur blog...and know that u hv 2 lovely girls...
One thing I'm very curious is how do you find the time to do bake and cook all these yummy yet time-consuming foods?
I already find it hard to bake a simple muffin with just 1 son.

Hugbear said...

Wow Ching, first attempt and your chang is so nice already. Yes, agree that the preparation work is tedious. Thankfully, I shared the cutting up tasks for my helper. Ching next time sit down and cut ok, standing very tiring lah. Hahaha

Anonymous said...


Thank u so much! Still waiting for Visa, no dates fixed yet. But from all your postings, I feel comforted that Asian food ingredients are readily available.

BTW, since we will be there for only abt 1 yr or slightly less, do you think we can make do with just a travel insurance?

Nice Day

Lia said...

hmmm really yummy, this is one of my fav food "bacang"

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's a lot of work but worth it! :)

Hi Janice,
Thanks for dropping me a note. :) I normally prep everything when my youngest took her morning nap. My eldest is independent, she knows not to disturb me when I'm doing something.

LOL! Yeah I know, but I'm so used to cut thing standing up leh. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe again! :)

Hi Mint,
Will get back to you on that, need to ask hubby.

Thanks Lia! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Mint,

Sorry I totally forgot to ask my hubby. Ok, I just asked him and he said since you have a baby, travel insurance won't do. You have to get the regular medical insurance which costs about $1000 per month for a family. That's the rough estimate only, unless you can use his company's insurance. Hope it helps!