Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dinner June 27, 2007

Simple dinner tonight. Was meant to stir-fry Chinese green, "chai sin" with oyster sauce but decided against it at the last minute. When hubby walked in and saw the dinner, his comment was, "Why so pityful?"

The yam rice has chicken, dried shrimps and yam pieces. I cooked the soup with my homemade chicken stock, enoki mushroom, fresh winter melon strips and sliced tofu. Pityful meh?


Anonymous said...

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Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Frank,

WokandSpoon said...

The yam rice doesn't look pityful! It looks quite nice actually! If your hubby doesn't want to eat, I'll come and eat ;-)

Serena said...


Not pitiful lah, it's nutritious, balanced meal that is tasty as well! I cooked yam rice before (with very similar ingredients as yours and I also added pumpkin cubes) with just a chye-sim soup in a home-made ikan bilis stock and it was a simple, all-in-one-pot dinner except my kids don't like yam rice as they don't like the mushy yam/pumpkin cubes. My husband and I loved it though. So what you have is definitely great stuff and if everyone at home loves it, it's a keeper to do again and again. Keep it up!

Little Corner of Mine said...

LOL! Yes, yes, you can come and eat! :D

Hi Serena,
Thanks for your kind words. I think hubby is spoiled with two dishes with a soup mentality. Btw, if your deep-fry the taro first, it won't go mushy. My girl also didn't like the taro, she asked me to pick those out.

tigerfish said...

So sumptuous, according to my standards. What is not pitiful - "big fish, big meat"?? ;p

I sha said...

not pityful at all lah, i think its a healty dinner, isn't it? hehehe...

Little Corner of Mine said...

LOL! Like the Chinese said! :D

i sha,
I think it's quite healthy too. Winter melon and enoki mushroom are considered vegetable right? :P

cocoa said...

hee..they looks yummy. I bet my hubby will have the same reaction as your hubby.

Serena said...


Thanks for your tip on deep-frying the yam cubes. I will try it the next time I cook yam rice.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I think our husbands are too spoiled! LOL!

You're welcome Serena! :)