Saturday, June 30, 2007

My 1st Pair of Crocs!

Crocs was marketed by three men from Boulder, Colorado. So you can imagine crocs selling every where here. Not only that, people of all ages are wearing it every where. My first thought of this shining, bright color funny looking shoe was, "oh, are they ugly!" Then, we started to hear people bragging about how light and comfortable this shoe is and once they have this on, they don't want any other shoes. The list goes on.

Well, while shopping at REI few days ago, I saw this crocs again. Then I spotted this Mary Janes crocs and thought to myself, "This is actually not bad looking, very lady like, perhaps I should try it on." Once I tried it on, I was sold and I got to have it. I guess it's the same with every crocs owners. I picked this color because I don't want people to know I'm wearing crocs. Just want a shoe that is comfortable enough that I can bring my girls scrolling in the neighborhood and won't hurt my feet. My old slipper did that, ouch!

Go to to see more designs and flip-flops.


Peony said...

lovely pair of shoe :)

but if u r also getting for ur elder girl, be very very careful riding on the escalator..

make sure ur girl's feet is far away from the yellow line & side on the steps of the escalator...

cos in SG, think 1 or 2 toddlers got their feet 'suck' in as they were on the escalator. guess its the static electricity that these rubber shoes produce, so draw the shoes to the gaps ( front & side) in the escalator. the child lost his/her toes !

WokandSpoon said...

They look cool! I've seen crocs in all colours of the rainbow here. I'm afraid that in summer my feet will get hot, sweaty and smelly in them ;-)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for the info. That was so scary and that poor child had to lose his/her toes! I don't think I'm getting Evy a crocs since she will upgrow it very fast and this shoe is not that cheap.

Thanks! I really like this design. But you were right about one thing though, my feet will sweat in there! I didn't know about this as I see so many holes on the shoes and I have yet to hear about people complaining about sweating feet in crocs, til I wore it myself and discovered it later. Apparently now I'm complaining and wondering why Singaporean never complain about sweaty feet? But, it won't be smelly though because it is smell resistent. ;)

jadepearl said...

I love crocs! When I was PG, my DH insisted that I have to wear crocs coz its non-slip...ha!ha!

BTW, just wanted to ask you, your older daughter, when she was turning 1, she ever stopped eating solid food ah? Am facing this problem with DS now. worried.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching,
Very dainty this style. I got my 1st pair on Mother's day and love it. However, do be careful if the floor is wet as my youngest daughter slipped and fell pretty hard in a supermarket recently. The floor was wet with spilt Pepsi..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your hubby really loving leh, so considerate.

Evy never stop eating solid leh, actually more taken to solid food and eventually dropped the baby food completely. What about porridge? Will he eat porridge? I will post a fish porridge I made for Edda next.

Thanks Anon. Oh man, and I thought it's non-slip! Thanks for letting me and others know about this. :)

Lee Ping said...

My husband likes it when I wear heels even though I am tall already (5 feet 7"). But, my favorite kind of shoes is flats. My everyday shoe is a pair of Sloggers. It is like your Crocs, except no holes. So, Crocs was marketed by three men from Boulder, Colorado. Crocs are sold here in Portland Oregon.

jadepearl said... boy was eating porridge and loving it. Then suddenly, stopped...headache!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Lee Ping,
Wow, you are tall. V is tall too, you two might be of the same height.

Crocs is selling every where these days. It's quite popular in S'pore too.

I'm curious, what are you feeding him these days? Isn't he curious about what you eat and also want a bite too? This little Edda wants a bite of everything I eat these days, she will stare and make sound like give some to me pls.

When you are having dinner, let him sit on the high chair besides you and let him watch you eat and check his respond. If he seem interested, feed him some of your food and see whether he takes it or not.

Sophia said...


My sister told me I have the most ugliest shoes she has seen me wearing. They are "crocs" too. I told her that this pair I have is comfortable and easy to clean and still she said they are ugly! Frankly I like it and it is everywhere in Canada! :)


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Dizzy,
Next time, ask your sister to try it on. :D

Anonymous said...

You should try Quarks. I think they are much better looking.