Friday, June 15, 2007

Edda Update

I asked her to smiles for the camera and this is the best she came out with.

Snacking on her fingers food. No pincer grab yet!

Look at her two teeth at the bottom! Finally smiling for mama.

She is still not crawling yet, but it will be soon. She can sit up by herself from a laying position. I just found her sitting at the end of her crib playing with her toys this morning. And I thought she fell back to sleep because she was so quiet, later I learned that she was actually eating on toilet paper that I put in a basket! Adoi....she loves chewing and eating paper. Yeah, I forgot to look at the end of the crib and totally missed her sitting there happily chewing on the toilet paper. *Duh Mommy!*

She can also scoop from one place to the other. Mostly going backward because she still hasn't move forward yet. She will be on all four, even hands moving forward, but her legs just stay there, and then she just scoop back to a sitting position again. And somehow by doing that, she can shift herself from one place to another.

Update: She crawls today! (June 16th, 2007)


Anonymous said...

She's too precious and cute. :) How old is she? My gal loves to eat paper too. Why? I have no idea.

Little Corner of Mine said...

LOL! Yeah not sure why paper tastes good to them.

Thanks for your compliment, my daughter is 8 months old.

Lee Ping said...

Pretty soon she will start to cruise around furniture, and then walking or perhaps even running. And more fun begins. I saw a blog with teeth count the other day. It's too late for me to chart now since my 23 month old has all her teeth out already. I don't even remember when was her first tooth. Seems like yesterday that she was still chewing on toilet paper (like you mentioned) and everything else because she was teething.

p/s Your fish paste roll looks great and more importantly easy to make, especially when it is ready to use fish paste. My friend and I had a cookout a while back and we made Otak Otak from ready to use fish paste. And we found it to be a little salty.

Lee Ping said...

Perhaps with the addition of the carrots and scallions in your recipe, the saltiness from the fish paste will be neutralize. I really should give this a try. Makes a great appetizer to bring to church or any other potluck gatherings.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lee Ping,

Do you think the otak-otak was salty because of the added salt and spices in the rempah?

The addition of carrot and scallion might neutralize the saltiness I guess. But I never find the fish paste salty though.

WokandSpoon said...

Too cute for words!!

Blur Mommy said...

Ur gal is so cute!! : )

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for your compliment, wokandspoon & blur_mommy. :)