Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Short-Cut Tofu Fah

Buzzbuzz, this is for you! I told you I'm going to show you my short-cut version.

I have been making this short-cut tofu fah for years and have passed the secret to my friends here. This bowl of silken tofu fah is from a box!! It is as good or better than those sold at the good dim sum restaurants here. That's why I don't bother to order. What's more, super easy to do! Of course you can make tofu from it as well but I only buy it to make tofu fah since you can buy cheaper tofu at the store.

What do you think? Silken soft right? I like mine with ginger brown sugar syrup.

This is how the box looks like. Now, my secret is out. Anyone can make a bowl of silken soft tofu fah at your own house without a fuss! Actually a couple of bowls, one box can serve up to 6-8 bowls tofu fah.

Edit to add: Inside the box is a package of soy bean powder and a small package of hardening agent. The recipe for tofu fah is on the side of the box, basically add more water. You will need to mix the soy bean powder with the amount of water required until dissolved and then cook it on the stove top until boiling. Set aside and add the hardening agent and pour in a container and then cover the container with foil or kitchen towel and let it harden for 20-30 mins. You have to cook your own syrup to serve with this.


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness!! Where have you been hiding this secret!!!! LOL I'll definitely keep an eye out for this box!! Can't wait to try it out and see if I can make my little boy eat it. He hates tofu but on the other hand, he likes sweetened things!! LOL We'll see...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Gracio said...

hey ching! thanks thanks so much for this short cut version!!! it helps ppl like us stay overseas when we got not enuff agar agar powder & stuffs. :)

Time to go hunt for this tofu here! Thank Q so much! :)

Gracio said...

Oh btw ching, sorry, do I need to pre cook the tofu in hot water b4 add the syrup? :) thank q! Hugz!*

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're most welcome buzzbuzz and Gracio! I know you won't be disappointed. :)

I just edit to add how this tofu fah is made. Since you will be cooking the tofu fah, once it's harden, it ready to serve with the syrup.

Gracio said...

thanks ching!, for taking the trouble to write out the additional part. Appreciated!

U noe hor, i dreamt of this pack of tofu for the whole night!! couldn't sleep well & now Im going to supermkt to hunt for this! haha... havent been eating this for a long time. Arigato! :)

Unknown said...

WOW!!! So sedap.

Check this out. FAST!!!!

diddy said...

great idea! Looks comforting!

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's too funny! Good luck in your hunt! :)

Thanks, checked that out but the theme is the tough one for me. :P

Yes, it's really soft and smooth.

Anonymous said...

I have been making this when we were in Manila, and I loved it. So glad to see that PO has it now. Will definitely go get some. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just bought a packet after I read this! Can't wait to try out.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Lily, i've been trying some of your recipes and they are all really yummmyyy :). I really want to try your Roti Boy, it looks veruy delicious.....
i live in CA, and i just wonder where do you usually find the bread softerner and bread improver? I've been looking for these stuff in the supermarket and i couldn't find it, help me out....Thanks

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Lily,
Thanks for your nice feedback. :)
As for the bread improver and softener, you can only get it in M'sia or S'pore bakery supply shops. I don't think you can find it here.

You can omit it if you don't have it but just make enough buns for one day and eat it slightly warm from the oven or finish it within the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your info, i'll try it then without the improver and softener....thanks :)

Flower said...

I hope they sell this in Perth. I have a craving for tafu fah.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Flower, hope so for your sack because it's really good and easy to make! Good luck in your search ya!

gelato2005 said...


I really enjoy reading your blog. I tried your tofu fah suggestion, but the tofu was still slightly harder than usual. Can you tell me how much more water did you add to the recipe?

Thanks so much...and your daughters are really cute too.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi gelato2005,
Thanks! This tofu mix now comes in a larger packaging. I have yet to buy the new one yet. So, not sure whether yours is the small pack one or the large one?

In any case, the instruction at the back is for making tofu. For making tofu fah, you have to read the instrustion on the side (the opening side). It should list the water amount there, I think it's about double the water amount.

I don't have any with me and I just couldn't recall whether it's 5 or 6 cups of water (for the small one). So, you will have to look for the instruction on the side, okay. :)

gelato2005 said...

Dear Little Corner,

Thanks so much for the tofu advice-I did not even think to look at the side of the box! (I just added 1 cup extra water to the original tofu recipe). LOL...now I know.

BTW, thanks for all your product reviews for the My Taste of Asia Website. I'm so glad that they carry some items that remind me of childhood in Singapore...I've placed my order....

Best wishes,


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi gelato,
You're welcome! That website really carries a lot of goodies and hope you enjoy yours as much as I do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Can i have the recipe for the brown sugar syrup?

Thanks a lot.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sure Cindy. Boil 2 Chinese brown sugar (those log shape one) in 1-1.5 cup of water with a piece of mashed ginger. Once sugar dissolved, you are done.

Anonymous said...

lol...I thought this was my secret alone until i saw ur blog! Well at least I know it's a not so well kept secret. But what's wrong with sharing and easing the home blues away rite? Love ur site!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha Zarina, since I shared it here, it's not a secret anymore. I really love this brand, always give me excellent result. :)

Kris said...

Hi all

I've always used this packet of tofu mix to make tofu fa and it's always been perfect. However I haven't made it in a year or so, and when I bought some recently, it formed lumps. At first I thought perhaps I put too much water, so I lessened the water (instead of 40 fl oz as per the box, i used 30fl oz). It still didn't form! Then i thought perhaps it's because I didnt transfer to a different container after it has cooked so I did this too but still didn't form - it's as if the powder to help it form is not enough, or that the formulation has changed.

Anyway, i have already used up 4 boxes trying to perfect tofu fa but no luck whereas before I used to make it good the first time.

Has anyone else experience the same recently? What could I be doing wrong?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Kris,

Sorry I have no help here as I stopped buying it when it changed to a bigger packaging with double or more the price. Now, we buy freshly made one from a store in Denver.