Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dried Shrimp Sambal (Sambal HaeBee)

I finally made my first sambal haebee. Both hubby and I love eating this sambal but I just never make it on my own, not sure why. Probably lazy...hahaha...

Well, decided to make it today using my short cut version. Viola, it's so yummy with white rice. Would be delicious spread in sandwich too. Okay, here's my recipe if you want to try it.


1 cup dried shrimps, soften with hot water, drained
1 large yellow onion, cut into big chunks
1/2 tsp. belacan powder or more if you like
5 Tbp. my ground chillies in oil, more if you like it spicy
6-8 tsp. sugar or to taste
1/2 tsp. salt or to taste
1 Tbp. lime juice or to taste
Sprinkle of paprika powder
Cooking oil


1. Process the dried shrimp in a food processor until fine, take out and set aside.

2. Process the onion in a food processor until fine, drain the onion juice and set aside.

3. Heat oil, when hot, add grounded onion, stir-fry for a while and add belacan powder. Saute and add dried shrimps. Keep stirring until all well mixed.

4. Add ground chillies in oil and add salt, sugar and lime juice. Saute for a while and add paprika powder.

5. Do a taste test and season to taste with sugar, salt or lime juice if one or two is lacking.

6. Cook at low heat, keep stirring until it's drier.

~Yield about 1 1/2 cup.


Anonymous said...

Yum yum, can make Sambal Prawn Buns too :)

Gracio said...

Ching, this looks good!!! :) Great job!! Im so hungry now... grrr... :P

Edith said...

aiyo hae bee sambal my favourite but too lazy to do it. Sent some over my fren! plus that sambal prawn buns too *wink*

Little Corner of Mine said...

I intend to make that but hubby loves it and finished all, no chance to try it on other things.

Thanks Gracio!

Haha...I'm too lazy to make also. Plus, it uses a lot of haebee, need to stock up on haebee first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I tried to make and I love it. Too bad I didn't have time to make your version of ground chillies in oil so I substituted it with sambal oelek. I'll try to make another sambal hebi next time with your chillies in oil. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Manyaro,
Thanks for trying this recipe and happy to know that you like it. Yes, do give my chillies in oil a try too, all my friends love my chillies in oil as condiment or in stir-fry. Thanks for your feedback! :)