Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Meme: 5 Things to Eat Before You Die

I have been tagged by my blog pal, Gracio for this meme.

Let's see....*thinking* 5 things to eat before I die....okie must be some good food for sure....hahaha....

1. Shark Fin Soup: What can I say my favorite soup. I have to order it everytime I go back to M'sia. :)

2. Lobsters Stir-Fry in Butter Cream Sauce: This is so very good. The lobster pieces were deep-fry in some sort of batter first and then mixed into this thick and yummy butter cream sauce.

3. A Very Good Dim Sum: Nothing can beat a well-made delicious dim sum. Sitting down with a cup of tea and sampling a table full of mouth-watering dim sum can be such a joy.

4. Indian Banana Leaf Rice: I simply love this, the variety of veggie dishes with assortment of Indian curries, and not forgetting the crispy cracker on the side (forgot the name! :P), make this a must have when I go back to M'sia. I think what's make this different is I get to eat with my called finger licking good huh?

5. Good Old Ice Kacang: Very refreshing in a hot and humid Malaysia weather. Oh man...where's my ice kacang!! Over here, in order to savor this we have to buy our own snowcone ice machine, make our own red beans and buy all the ingredients and make it ourselves. Lots of work just to eat a bowl of ice kacang!

Now, I would like to pass this "baton" to my good friend, Lily.


Anonymous said...

You're making me hungry!!!

Gracio said...

waa ching! haha! i see ice kacang, lobster & dim sum!!!!!! Yea I agree that sitting down enjoying a good dim sum can be such a joy! :)