Saturday, July 15, 2006

Japanese Cottony Cheese Cake

I just bought a 3 sets springform pan the other day that come with 8", 9" and 10". So, I can finally make some cheese cake from now on. The first thing I want to make is Edith's Jap. Cottony cheese cake. I did make it before (2-3 years ago) using the shallow 9" pie pan, thus my cake won't be able to rise. I remembered that cake was only 1" in height and very flat.

Not too bad huh? However, I did manage to cook some of the egg yolks while pouring in the still warm cream cheese mixture (no patient to wait til it cool), thus I have pieces of cooked egg yolks at the bottom of the cheese cake. So, for those that haven't tried this recipe and wanted to try, remember to cool your cream cheese mixture first and don't end out like me. :P

Therefore, I have to cut off the bottom layer. The bottom layer was cut from the above picture. Still look pretty high hor? Like the name said, this cheese cake is cottony soft and not very sweet.

Her recipe can be found here. Thanks Edith! :)

My adapted recipe:
1 block 225g (8oz) Philadephia cream cheese
1/4 cup butter
100ml fresh milk

1/2 cup cake flour
1/8 cup cornflour
6 egg yolks
1 Tbp. lemon juice
1/4 tsp. salt

6 egg whites
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
2/3 cup sugar

1. Melt (A) in a double boiler, cool.

2. Fold in (B) & mix well.

3. Whisk (C) until foamy. Add sugar and whisk until soft peaks form. Fold in 1/2 of the mixture into 2, and then add the remaining egg white micture and fold to mix.

4. Pour into the tube pan (lightly grease and line the bottom and sides of the pan with greaseproof paper).

5. Bake in a water bath (hot) for 1 hr 10 mins or until set or golden brown at 320'F.


Tazz said...

After cutting the bottom, still so tall. No bad huh! *lol*

Edith said...

you are really tempting me to try this again. haven't bake this for a long long time.

Alicia said...

Doesn't really look like the "normal" cheesecakes around but it sure looks soft and yummilicious...:)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Tazz, hehehe...

Edith, I made this after 3 years also. :P

Buzz2, it's not like the normal cheesecake, more like a very soft cake with cheese flavor?? Sorry, don't really know how to explain. Hehehe...

Unknown said...

A lovely cake Ching. So fluffy!

Unknown said...


good job

Gracio said...

Hey Ching! Gracio here from KC!

Really beautiful cake! soft & fluffy! Yummy! =)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Anonymous said...


Is this recipe available in cup measures for the flour, sugar and butter?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Anon,
Will post my adapted recipe in cups for you and for my record.

ai wei said...

hi, this is lovely. i am going to try a hand on this. thanks for sharing~

D34+h Hime said...

Hi. Must the milk be at room temperature too?

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome ai wei!

Hi D34+h,
No, the milk doesn't have to be at room temp. since you are going to mix with the rest and double boil it anyway. You can use cold milk.

D34+h Hime said...

Hi. Thanks for your recipe! I've baked the cake yesterday afternoon and my family members and frens said tt it was nice. But there are sum problems. I was given feedback that:

1) My cake is quite hard. Is it becuz I put it in the fridge and chill it overnight?
2) My cake isn't smooth enough.
3)There are sum small dots of yellow substances in the cake. Is that the cheese?
4) There are many air holes in my cake.
5) There isn't a nice and fragrant smell when I take a whiff of it. Is it due to the diff type of flour I used? For the cheese, I used the cheese that you chose for ur recipe.

So anyone please tell me wad's wrong. You can email me at : to tell me more about baking tips? Thanks!! And thanks again for ur wonderful recipes in ur site. It sure is helpful :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi D34+h,
I will try my best to answer your questions here.

1. Yes! Let your cake thaw at room temp. for 30 mins to an hour before serving.

2. No clue!

3. That was cooked egg yolks in my opinion. You should make sure the mixture A is cool completely before proceeding. It was my mistake too guess we missed my warning.

4. This is normal since this is like a cheese chiffon cake. Folding egg whites into the yolks mixture, air bubbles will result.

5. I don't remember whether this cake has a nice fragrant or not. But if you use lemon juice, you should be able to taste a little lemon flavor in the cake.

Hope it helps!

D34+h Hime said...

Thanks alot! :D It helps. :D

Anonymous said...

I am a great fan of your blog. Need some advice from you. I used a springform pan but my cheesecake still fell flat after it has been taken out of the oven. how come? please help. thanks :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Anon. Hmmm...the only reason I could think of is when you mix in the whites with the yolk batter, you overmix it and deflated the air? Other than that, I don't really know leh, I don't really know the science behinds all this. Sorry!

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me how to prepare a hot water bath. Do you use boiling water or hot tap water? Also, do you need to wrap the outside of the cake pan with aluminum foil? Thanks.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wrap the cake pan with foil if you are using springform pan so that the water won't get into the cake. I think you are supposed to use hot boiling water, but knowing the lazy me, I might used the hot tap water. It has been so long, I couldn't recall what hot water I used already. In any case, it shouldn't be a problem as long as the water is hot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bundle for this lovely recipe! I tried to bake it today modifying it into a strawberry flavoured one.

I added strawberry filling into the milk and cream cheese mixture and heated them tog. My cake puffed up when baking but once cooled, it turned flat! :( How would u do it if you want to modify it into strawberry flavour?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi angel,
I wouldn't change much to the original recipe. I would probably add 1 tsp. of strawberry extract/essence into (B). Strawberry filling is pretty heavy so of course it will alter the recipe and thus the resulted cake.

Anonymous said...

i thot so too.. i was thinking of doing tt but thot it would be better to seek ur opinion. Thanks a lot really! :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, was wondering which baking pan u used for your cake? the 10 inch? thank you so much for posting all these lovely recipes here! take care!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Anon, I used the 8-inch one.

Anonymous said...

firstly, i want to thank you for the recipe- it really does look delicious and i've been salivating over it for quite some time now!

i tried making it last weekend and i wanted it to work out soooo badly (i LOVE japanese cheesecake).
it came out looking lovely but when i took a bite of it, it was very sour. i dont understand! i even omitted the lemon from it!

do you know if there anything in the recipe that could bring on a sour taste??

thanks for any tips!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hmmm Kathy, very sour huh? I know that cream cheese is a bit sour in nature but without adding the lemon juice, it shouldn't be very sour. Did your milk turn sour by any chance? Sorry, no help here but it shouldn't be very sour in taste.

Anonymous said...

I have a question did you use large eggs instead of medium sized??tnx I will try this out ^^Hope it turns out great!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Anon, whenever I mentioned egg without stating the size, it means large egg. Good Luck!

bearwithmeee said...

Hi, is corn flour same as corn starch?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes bearwithme, it's the same thing.