Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Prawn Mee

I have a bag of prawn shells reserved in the freezer to try out cwl's (a KC member) prawn mee recipe. But I ended out with my version of prawn mee instead (lack of ingredients, using my ready-made chilli paste, etc).

I think I put too much fried shallots in my stock that it over power the smell of prawn in the stock. Not really happy with my version and the ingredients I put in. Next time have to make it real authentic with just kangkong, shrimps and thin pork slices instead of spinach and added fish balls. I think too much stuff spoiled this delicate soup base.

My hubby seem to like it though since he finished the whole bowl including all the soup!! *Shocking*


Unknown said...

Wah Ching, this looks fantastic. Wish I could have a spoonful of that flavourful soup ;p

Alicia said... looks really long as it's good, who cares if it's "authentic"...right...hehehe..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Angie! :)

Thanks, but I do care! :(
Guess I have high standard, I always want to achieve the right taste, if not can eat but not satisfying. Anyway, it's my first time making prawn mee, still got room for improvement. :)

Fonia said...

Ching, can't stop look at ur Prawn Mee... It looks really yummy!!!*Drool + Craving* :(

Edith said...

Gosh, this version definitely looks delish! Now i am salivating. Need to go for a bowl by today!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Fonia, sorry to induce your craving for prawn mee. Guess from where you are at, can't really go out and buy a bowl huh? Hope you are doing well. :)

Thanks Edith. Satisfied now? :)

culinary said...

looks delicious prawn mee with your own creation.

Its a good attempt. keep it up.

diddy said...

I'm just blog hopping over and enjoying looking at your delicious food! I started my own food blog recently and was wondering if I could add a link to your blog? I'm over at

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Jingle! :)

Hi Diddy,
Sure you can add a link to my blog. Will go check out your blog too. :)

diddy said...

Thanks! My stomach seriously started demanded food when I stopped by your site just now! I must try your Japanese cheese cake! It looks so light and fluffy!