Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tau Sar Buns (Red Bean Buns)

I bought a can of red bean paste the other day and thought of giving it a try. It's a fat free red bean paste from China, fat free because no oil was added, just water. Thus, I made red bean buns for breakfast.

This time I brushed the top with egg wash, that's why it has the golden shiny look.

Guess I'm still not very good at shaping filling inside the bun. But to my surprise, the fat free red bean paste actually tasted pretty good. Smooth and sweet, what's more, it's fat free!! So, feel a little guilt free while eating these buns. Now, I don't have to make my own red bean paste anymore. Hehe...can just buy it in Denver.

My daughter loves red bean too, she would stick her finger in to eat the red bean paste first before finish the rest of the bun. Quite messy if you ask me!


Peony said...

my grandson also loves redbean buns and eats just like your girl, scope all the beans out first, then eat the messy..

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, I'm actually making curry buns right now..hehe! Pretty buns, Ching :)

diddy said...

the fat free ones that I buy are pretty good too when I don't have time to make my own. It's a little on the wet side so it helps if I cook it over the stove to dry it up some! Your buns looks so delicious! Even if it wasn't fat free, I'd still eat it!

Amrita said...

hey belacan! ur so lucky to find fat free red bean paste...the ones in singapore are swimming in oil...beautiful bread by the way

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's funny how kids react. She did the same with jam/icing filled cookies too!!

Thanks Lin. Curry bun, hmmm yummy!

Thanks! I just pour away the water when I open the can and so far so good. :P

Thanks! Perhaps you can try to look for the fat free one imported from China?

Edith said...

Oil free!!! you are so lucky. Down here, everything is swimming in oil.

Anonymous said...

Hello....long time didn't visit u here !! How are u getting on now ?Time passes so fast, u r gonna to give birth soon ....

Your cooking all looks very delicious ..I seldom cook or bake recently, new maid never reach and I lazy to wash all the things after cook ....^_^

Little Corner of Mine said...


No wonder hardly see any food pictures from you and you seldom update your blog.

Yup, getting close and very uncomfortable now. Haven't taken out baby stuff and organize it yet, lazy just thinking about it. :P

Lazyg3r said...

You are so capable. Still can cook and bake. I couldn't do much tt time. All I want was lying down and zzzz.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I guess craving is a powerful thing. I couldn't just go out and buy and thus have to make myself. But definitely getting lazier as getting pain here and there after standing for too long.

Anonymous said...

Could you provide the recipe? i really want to try making this!

Little Corner of Mine said...


I used basic sweet bun recipe. Recipe posted here, just omit the pandan paste.

Then, fill it with red bean paste filling and baked as directed.