Sunday, October 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Edda!

My sweet little girl is turning 7!  How time flies right?  Especially for those who have been following my blog since the very beginning.  You have seen my pregnancy announcement, her ultrasound, the birth story, baby pictures and now she is 7, no longer that tiny anymore.  :-)  She is growing up well, a great student, smart, well behave, listen well, helpful, kind, just a little stubborn at time.

This is the birthday cake I made for her birthday party.  Chocolate cake (the same recipe from her 1 year old birthday cake) with chocolate butter cream with cut out pieces of canned peaches.  Surrounded with Bauducco's chocolate wafers. 

Happy Birthday my sweet Edda and we all love you very much!!!

Edda when she turned 1 year old.


Joceline Lor said...

The cake very nice ~ Like.

tigerfish said...

Happy Birthday to Edda! Looking at the two photos of Edda at the same time, I thought time really flies!!!

Love the cake esp the surrounding wafers

PH said...

Happy Birthday Edda! Lucky girl, mummy baked her a lovely cake. Mmmm...I love canned peaches and the chocolate wafers :)

Juliana said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, she is adorable.
Great cake Ching...have a great week my dear :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you Joceline, Tigerfish, Phong Hong and Juliana. :)

Unknown said...

Its really beautiful the cake