Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Tofu Shirataki Noodle Soup

When their daddy was on a business trip, I just wanted something easy to make and good for lunch and dinner.  A big pot of slow cooker chicken stock that I can cook overnight just pop up.  Just so happen that we had some leftover rotisserie chicken breast and some fresh romaine lettuce and mushroom in the refrigerator, the meal was planned.

For dinner, instead of tofu shirataki, we had some whole wheat thin spaghetti as noodle and also par-boiled spinach as the vegetable.

Left to right clockwise:  par-boiled romaine lettuce, skinless chicken breast from a rotisserie chicken,  crispy shallot, pan-fried button mushrooms, crispy garlic, crispy anchovies, chopped green onion.

Chicken stock made with 4 drumsticks, 2 rotisserie chicken bones, carrots, onions, celery, ginger and shrimp shells for 12 hours in a slow cooker.  Season with sea salt.

Tofu Shirataki fetuccine cooked as packet direction.  Add the fetuccine in a bowl, top with lettuce, chicken meat and mushrooms.  Scoop the chicken stock on it and garnish with crispy shallot, anchovies, garlic and chopped green onion.  We also like it with a piece of seaweed.  Enjoy it with chili padi (Thai hot chili peppers) in soy sauce!


Juliana said...

This soup of yours look very tasty, especially that the weather is getting colder...I had the tofu shirataki once,and did not like it...I might give another try.
Hope you are having a great week Ching :D

tigerfish said...

Looks really like Pan Mian! :) The soup must be so flavorful with homemade chicken stock and from other ingredients such as mushrooms.

PH said...

Sounds like a delicious meal!