Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Gift

I received this as a gift from a friend from China. Guess what it is?

This is how the inside looks like. It's like a glutinous rice dumpling. But it is wrapped like a huge log (first time I have seen this, thus not sure whether it's common in China). The filling is a tiny bit of pork wrapped with mung beans and then the glutinous rice.

And the way to enjoy it is to cut it into slices and then pan-fried until crispy.

Very interesting hor? Taste wise, not too bad because it is well seasoned and when it's pan-fried, it gives the crispiness to the bite. Good with Sriracha chilli sauce!

Look at her enjoying herself to a piece! Yummy!

Update: Edda can walk a few steps by herself now. It will be soon before she takes off. :) Hopefully!


KellytheCulinarian said...

Cute photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm an American born Vietnamese and this is a commmon Vietnamese rice cake. I forget the name but it's really popular for Tet (Vietnamese New Year). The common shape is square and the log shape is common for the soutthern regions I believe. My mom always made a ginger sugar syrup (basic simple syrup with pieces of ginger in it) to go along with it and it's really good that way. The pic of it fried up is making me drool :) I love your blog by the way!

Big Boys Oven said...

It looked strange at start but it had a great ending. i think I would like it, but prefer more meat as we are meaty person...lol... by the way, thank you for believing in us, especially our creations... we will work even harder!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Kelly. :)

Hi Anon,
Oh, so it's a Vietnamese rice cake. Haha...I thought it was a Chinese thing because it was given by a Chinese friend. Thanks for the clarification. :) Glad to hear you like my blog. :)

BBOven, Haha... yeah even I would prefer more meat. The meat here is really tiny to almost non-existence! Yes, can't wait to see more of your creation! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching
This reminds me of the Nonya kueh -Lempur Udang -- the one wrapped in banana leaves and it's glutinous rice with 'hae bee hiam' filling. I'm salivating as I'm thinking about it, haha. Edda looks adorable :-)

cocoa said...

hmm.. i must said they don't really look deliciouse at first but after pan fry, they looks ok. This reminded me my china friend once gave me the " ba chang" the sweet kind where there is only little red bean wrapped with the glutinous rice. Quite tasteless i must still prefer malaysian version.

by the way, edda looks absolute adorable ;)

Anonymous said...

The compactness of the rice looks more like ketupat :O

Po said...

There are different variations. I grew up in England but my family is from Hong Kong. A smaller parcel is the chinese version. There is a nutty filling and chicken and mushrooms and nuts filling.

There are other variations which are like a twisted parcel and the long one you recieved. I call them tamales because they are very similar to the mexican tamale. However the cantonese pinyin goes something like this 'Gor jung' They are traditionally made about th mid-autumn festival season. I remember watching grandma make them growing up. I might attempt them next year.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Tatiana,
Thanks! As for the kuih, it's nothing like "har bee hiam". LOL!

Hi Cocoa,
Yeah, I also don't know why the Chinese changs tend to have little filling. We Malaysian sure like lots of "liao" LOL! Oh,
thanks for complimenting Edda! :)

Hi Tigerfish,
Yes, it's really compact. That's why have to pan-fry it to soften the rice.

Hi Po,
Ahhh...so it's a Chinese thing after all. Because I received this as a mid-autumn festival gift instead of mooncake. Haha... Thanks for clarifying it for me here because I really have no clue this is a traditionally made food during the festival. And they speak Cantonese too, so it must be a Cantonese tradition then. Oh, she also made a veggie soup that was eaten during the festival.

daphne said...

haha..like tigerfish, I thought it looked like kepupat but with filling.

Because the chinese culture is so diverse, I'm not surprise to see variations of similar food. =)

Anonymous said...

this kinds of cake is called Num Ang Som jruk. It's called in Khmer word ( Cambodia). it is delicious when u pan fry until golden brown and serve with fish sauce or Sriracha chilli sauce even ligh soy sauce.

Po said...

I meant to add the way I heat them up again is by using a pot of hot water on the stove and literally 'boiling' the whole thing in the leaf!! Softens it up and then you unwrap it and serve.

Can't remember the soup though, what was in it?

Edith said...

Ha I tried this before but not that longish.

When your little ones takes off, you will be even busier. Got to keep an eye on her all the time.

Anonymous said...

I think I ate that before BUT mine is quite small compared yours... Is this sticky rice with the chili paste ? It is one of the malay kuih right ?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Daphne,
Oh yeah...one thing for sure, it's an Asian Chinese cake. :P

Hi Anon,
Oh? So, this is a Cambodia cake? Now I really don't know what already, next time will have to ask the owner herself.

Hi Po,
It's a veggie soup and the veggie is called "snow veggie", you have to read it in Mandarin, it's a direct translation. I know nothing about this veggie too and seem like according to her, it's an enquired taste. *my hubby didn't like it*

Hi Edith,
Hahaha...but now she is crawling around, it's the same isn't it? Unless when we go outside, then I will have to keep an eye on her. ;)

Hi Keeyit,
Oh no...this is not the rempah udang, the Malay kuih. This is a "I also don't know kuih"...LOL! But one thing for sure, this kuih is not originated from Malaysia.

aiknhoon said...

Ching, Edda looks so grown up in the picture. She's turning one today, isn't she? Happy Birthday to Edda! Erin is turning one on Friday too...

By the way, I start blogging again, feel free to visit our blog sit at aiknhoon.blogspot.com.

Peony said...

this is also the first time I see this rice roll and I'm cantonese.

think this rice roll must be popular with HK and China cantonese.

I'v seen hugh pillow-shape rice dumpling,popular in a small town near Ipoh where u have the famous groundnut.

your baby is really so adorable and cute munching her food.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi aiknhoon,
Her birthday is tomorrow actually. She is a day older than Erin. Cool, will check up your blog for update! :)

Hi Peony,
Yeah, this is certainly not Malaysian. I have seen the pillow shape one selling in Vietnamese store here. Have yet to buy one and try.

Peony said...

Thu 4th OCT 07
today the day,
it's Edda's Big Day, so

Happy Birthday !
Wishing You all the Best and that you grow up to be a beautiful, healthy lady.

to Erinon your coming Big Day ...
Happy Birthday too !
Good health and all the best to you too.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Aww...thank you Peony for your well wishes for Edda! :*

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Your little E has grown since the last time I saw her! And so cubby too!

LittleHands said...

Ching, Edda such a big girl now! So adorable! :-).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Edda!

Yeah for walking soon!

Mine took her first 5 steps on the sandy playground. How she managed to walk 5 steps with the sands beats me still. :)