Saturday, February 24, 2007

Longevity Noodle & Bak Kwa

Nice or not, my Tangerines? CNY is in the air! :o)

My Longevity Noodle

My Homemade Bak Kwa

Just an easy yellow noodle stir-fry. CNY has to eat long noodle since it symbolizes long life. So, an easy dinner for us since I was too lazy to whip out other dishes. :P

Also trying Gan55 version of Bak Kwa which uses LKK char siew sauce, brown sugar and a little rose wine. Taste good too! Recipe can be found here.

Click here for my other bak kwa recipe. I strongly recommended this recipe as this is the best I have tasted so far and received rave reviews.


Anonymous said...

Nice red deco on top of your clementines. Longevity noodles and bak kwa looks yummy too!:)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks V. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me whether can I get the Bak Kwa recipe?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Rae,
The link to the bak kwa recipe is