Thursday, January 11, 2007

Usual Bakes

Tau Sar Buns coated with double egg wash glaze, really golden brown huh?

Made the Lo Ti Piah (bread cookie) again! Made it more nutritious by adding Milo. Click here for my recipe. Oh, I used Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread thus the brown color.


Edith said...

Ching, your bread always looks so delicious. I wish I had your kung fu.

LittleHands said...

Ching, I salute you! You got 2 children to take care, you still can churn out yummy bakes/food. *thumbs up* :-)

delish said...


I stumbled upon your blog and am truly amazed with your skills and the yummy food you've prepared. Kudos!

Both my husband and I miss Malaysian food as there is no good substitute for it here in New Orleans! So I attempt Malaysian recipes at home. Requires some more practise though ;P

The photos of your Tau Sar Peah are absolutely delicious looking. I've not found any that are good in texture or taste. All are too dense and too sweet! So I've given up thinking about Tau Sar Peah altogether.

It would be really wonderful if you will share your recipe with me.

Million thanks!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Penny,
Thanks and welcome to my blog! :)
That's why I have to cook, bake or make whatever I wanted to eat, got money also cannot buy it here! :(

By the way, which tau sar peah did you refering to? The tau sar buns or the tau sar beng in my first post?

delish said...


The label for the photo is Tau Sar Buns. Though I thought it was Tau Sar "Peng" that I was looking at! Missing the ones from Penang (with mung bean paste filling I think).

Hehe being greedy, but if you could share both recipes would be great ;P


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Penny,
The one you miss will be the one from my first post (like Penang one lah). That cookies is really good, the pastry is like those sold outside. Don't put off by my ugly tau sar beng picture because I just starting out, not as good in shaping yet. Will post the recipe under that post.

As for the tau sar buns, just click on label Bread/Buns, I used the basic sweet bun recipe posted under Pandan Buns (just omit the pandan extract) and as for the filling, I buy the canned one. Easy mah!

delish said...

Thanks a bunch!

Just found your first post (din know where to look for it earlier!) Your tau sar peng look great - like the ones from the shop =)

Quick question re
Step 7. Wrap B around A. flatten it and roll it up. Flatten again and roll up. (I presume flatten with rolling pin, then how to roll it up? like ball or like a log?)

8. Flatten and wap the filling in it. (Is it like making siu mai except that you pinch the ends close and lightly roll around your palm to make the round shape?)

I am truly a novice at baking!

Little Corner of Mine said...


Ans 7: Roll it up like in swiss roll style (log shape).

Ans 8: And yes that's how you wrap the filling in.

It's a lot of work but well worth it in the end. That was my first time making chinese pastry and I just simply grab a piece of dough A and a piece of dough B and try to follow the steps and it still turned out delicious. I never make it again, too lazy but guess I should because it's yummy.

Good luck ya!