Monday, January 29, 2007

Pork Floss Mini Puffs

Just out of the blue I decided to make pork floss mini puffs on that day. The reason was because I wanted to test out this agaration puff pastry that failed on me when I made my curry puffs few months ago. I used to make a good one 10+ years back and I refused to believe I couldn't get it right again. I used to make lots of pork floss mini puffs and pleated it by hands (no child at that time) and baked it in the oven. It was really a tasty treat and a healthier version . Being stubborn, I just had to try it again. Alas! I failed again! I am not happy with the texture of the puff (better than the first though), but "bolek makan lah" (edible). I only made about 20 pieces and it were all gone the same night. BUT, I wanted it to look like those sold at the pasar malam (night market) you know. *sigh*

Guess I just couldn't recall anymore and have to resort into following a recipe instead of agar-agar myself. The ingredient I remember was simple, it has butter, flour, salt and water. But I just couldn't remember how much to agar-agar anymore (the butter and water part). :0(


Peony said...

you r really great, with 2 young kids, can still make so many tasty stuff.
me - with only Ryan, dont wanna do any baking with him ard, cos he disturbs me, wants to have his hands in everything. make more work for me.

Katie said...

Hi! A friend and I are trying to figure out what eaxtcly 'flossy pork' is. Can you shed any light for us? Is it like pork cracklings in the US? Thanks!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Katie,
It's not pork cracklings, it's actualy made of pork meat. Copy & paste the link below for the full meaning and picture.

Katie said...