Thursday, January 04, 2007

Evy & Edda

It's so hard to take picture of my two precious daughters together. Evy wants to join in whenever I try to snap some pictures of Edda (which I have not been doing it often enough), so I would have to accomodate her in the pictures as well.

Oh mine, look at Edda's spiky hair! Evy's hair was not like that before, guess it will fall down when it gets longer, if she hasn't turned "botak" (bold) already. She started losing her hair at 2 1/2 months and still losing. If she is like Evy, she will become almost bold around 6-7 months and then her hair will start to grow back.

Edda is 3 months old today! She is such a happy baby. She will smile to everyone who talks to her. Guess a chocolate a day while pregnant and remain stress free during the whole pregnancy really produces a happy baby. ^o^


Anonymous said...

Wow, how ur gals have grown...Ching! Such cuties :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while searching for Dodo fishballs. I also read your post on Tau Suan, which is something I had tried to make but did not succeed yet.

Interesting blog you have here and lovely children you have! I look forward to reading more from you!

Anonymous said...


Your two princesses are truly lovely and adorable :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Lin! :)

Thanks for dropping me a note, simcooks. Sorry my tau suan recipe doesn't come with specific measurement and time to simmer it because I don't cook with a cookbook. But, if I make it again, I will try to measure it first and update it in my blog, ok. :)

Thanks Angie! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow's been a long time since you last post Evy's photo. She's grown up...and baby Edda's face changes too with time...both are soooo cute..

Anonymous said...

dear little corner of mine,

not sure if my previous comment got through :) i would love to try out the orange chiffon cake. how do i modify it from the chiffon cake recipe? if you have time, would you please answer me here or to my email?

many thanks! my email is

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Sherreen! Haven't seen you posted in a while too. And yes Edda's look will change some more, until after 18 months, and then not so much anymore. Will post some Evy update soon!

Hi Pink,
Nope, your previous comment didn't get through. :(

For the orange chiffon cake, you substitute the coconut milk with fresh orange juice and the pandan extract with orange essence. Recommended for added flavor, add about 1 Tbp. of orange zest. You can also add a little orange coloring so the cake will look like a orange cake instead of a lemon cake (like mine). :P

Anonymous said...

thanks for replying soo quickly!

both your babies are adorable! Edda has really grown compared to the very first pic you posted of her. She's so chubby and no longer a red face baby :)

a couple more dodo questions!

1)orange zest (according to wiki) is just grated orange skin yar? :)

2)will run down and buy the tube pan and work on my folding! any idea why angel cakes/chiffon cakes are always made in tube pans and not just a normal round cake pan?

3) can i cut ur recipe to 3 eggs instead of 6? nervous that the cake won't rise and there go 6 eggs!


ps i wish i can show you pics of the kuah bangkit. i made a 4th batch this weekend and the color/thickness was perfect - a lovely cream color plus they didn't crack up too much this time! i just hope i can reproduce them :p

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Pink,

To answer your questions,

1) Yes, orange zest is grated orange skin, makes sure you only get the orange part (flavor) and not the white part (bitter). Zest means tiny pieces, not strip yeah.

2) I have no idea too. But I have seen others made a successful chiffon cake using the round cake pan, I just never try it before. Make sure you get the tube pan with legs since you need to turn it upside down to cool (if not your chiffon will sink).

3) You either cut all the ingredients in half or don't change at all. If you like the pretty high chiffon cake, then just use the 6 eggs.

The folding of whipped egg whites
into the batter is very important because it determine whether you fail or success. Good Luck ya!

Do you have your own blog?

Anonymous said...

thanks! no, i don't have my own blog. i just picked up baking recently and it's sporadic. besides... hehe my cakes all tend to crack so far. tried a moist chocolate cake recipe (tasted fanstastic!) to make cupcakes but all 3x it cracked open like a "hua gui" flower cake. haha.

i do take some pics and keep on yahoo but nothing nothing nothing like the beautiful stuff you have!