Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We got our Green Card!

After preparing our GC for 4 years, we finally received it. The recent trip back to M'sia was to go for the final phase of the process ~ to get interview at the U.S. Embassy. One week before the interview, we had to go for a medical check up and X-ray in a clinic in KL chosen by the U.S. Embassy. The day before the interview, we went to pick up our result and x-ray which were sealed in an envelop only to be opened by the official.

We were assigned 9am to be there. They took the result and some documents and asked us to come back in the afternoon. The American official would then interview Chong with some questions (I never get interview since I was H4 visa) and then we were finger printed and got a cancelled stamp on our old visa and were asked to be back tomorrow to collect our passport with the new visa stamped. Just an informal interview outside the window like everyone else, no special room whatsoever.

Once we entered the U.S., we had to go to the new immigrant counter and got finger printed again. He told us we will receive our GC in 3-6 months, but in reality we were PR on that day on. We received the congratulation status changed letter in 3 weeks and received our GC in less than a week. So, instead of 3-6 months wait, it's more like less than a month.


Alicia said...

Hey Congrats!! It's a pain to get that card. Didn't know you had to go back to do it. We got ours last year, there was no interviews like we're expecting. Just show up at the local INS agency and changed your status. But hey, you get to visit family and friends as well...kill two birds with one stone. COOL! :D Congrats more "pain"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Belachan, I've been visiting ur blog for a while already, thought I would say hi & congrat u on getting ur GC :) It reminds me of the time I got mine earlier this yr, I moved here last Mar, applied for GC after I got married in Apr. Finally got it in Jan this yr, wonder why u have to do it in Malaysia instead of in US?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks all :)

Linlin, it's faster to get the GC in M'sia than here (through H1B work permit), so we chose to go back to get it. Thanks for saying Hi. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I see Belachan :)