Saturday, June 11, 2005

My First Attempt at Making Buns

Finally decided to make sardine buns today using Gina's Basic Sweet Buns recipe. The variation I made: I added 1 tsp. of bread softener in addition to the bread improver. I don't have a stand mixer, so I did everything by hands. I rolled the dough until the butter was incorporated into the dough. And then I rubbed the outside of the dough with extra virgin olive oil before proofing for 5 hours (had to go out). Overall, I'm very satisfy with the result, the bun is soft like it should be. I just need to practise how to put the filling inside the bun and roll it into ball. Still not good at this and some of my filling was leaking out (greedy, wanted to stuff a lot of filling too). I only made 6 sardine buns, the rest I freeze it and will try it with chicken curry filling or plain green tea buns.

Venturing into making bread and buns is not too bad, will experience with more recipe later when I find time again. Thanks Lily for her instant yeast, without that I won't be able to make buns.

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Anonymous said...

nice looking buns. The recipe i had was from Mayer Marketing with whom I bought my KA mixer from. I've been so busy lately, haven't time to visit everyone's blog.