Saturday, March 08, 2014

Chewy Rice Paper Pan-fried Nian Gao

This inspiration came about when I was watching a Korean Variety Show called "Happy Together".  There was a winning dish that used the rice paper to wrap leftover and pan-fried it.  Just so happen that I still have a small piece of nian gao/ steamed glutinous rice cake in the refrigerator, so I thought rice paper and nian gao would go well together and quickly set out to give it a try.  We all loved this chewy variation of eating the nian gao too.  Now I have a new way to enjoy the leftover nian gao from Chinese New Year!  I bet you all have some nian gao laying around your house too right?  Give this a try!! *wink*

Soft and chewy bite with melted nian gao/ tikoy/ steamed glutinous rice cake with a slight crispiness from the skin, simply divine!  If you don't like it chewy, you can also try my Crispy Springroll Fried Nian Gao.  You can omit other filling and just wrap it with the nian gao alone, crispy and delicious!

Ingredients and Method:

1.  Some Vietnamese rice papers and sliced nian gao (steamed glutinous rice cake).

2.  Soften the rice paper in warm water.

3.  Place the soften rice paper on a cutting board and place one sliced nian gao on top.

4.  Start rolling and folding.  Step by step pictures shown below.

5.  Heat up a non-stick griddle with a little oil, medium heat.  Add the rice paper rolled nian gao and pan-fried until golden brown.

6.  Flip and pan-fried on both sides until slightly brown.

7.  Drain on paper towel before serving.


WokandSpoon said...

That's a great idea! I really miss nian gao.

Gloria Fernandes said...

looks too good..yummy

tigerfish said...

Looks good as a snack! Great way to use leftover.

noobcook said...

This is totally new way of eating nian gao to me. I have to try it next time I have leftover nian gao.