Friday, March 28, 2014

Seaweed Rolled Eggs

I have learned this version of rolled eggs from watching a Korean variety show, "Dad, Where are you Going?".  Haha...from now you have known that I watch quite a few of Korean variety shows right?  It provided me with a good laugh and it was fun to watch.  I liked those with kids, for example this and "The Return of Superman", it was just too cute!

Anyway, one of the dads cooked this for the kids and it looked good to me and what's best was it was very easy to make.  Without hesitation, I made this for my girls and got their approval.  Sometimes I made this for their lunch boxes, easy and nutritious!  They loved to open it into a strip and eat it like that too.  The eggs won't stick because of the seaweed.

Just season the eggs however you like.  I usually season the beaten eggs with sea salt instead of soy sauce because I don't want a darker color egg rolled.  And then just add a piece or more of the seaweed (I used the one that was for making kimbap)

After that, just roll it Swiss roll style.  Transferring it to a cutting board and slice into pieces.  Enjoy it warm or at room-temperature. Makes a great picnic food too!


tigerfish said...

Have heard about this variety show but have not watched it yet. It has got cooking? OK. Then I AM GOING to watch it :)

Love how you turn it into a "Swiss roll". Savory Swiss roll - just my kind of cooking.

WokandSpoon said...

This is great for lunch boxes and low-carb diets! :-)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Yes this rolled eggs not only look nice but also nutritious. My cooking also inspired by a lot of cooking show that I have watched , hehehe..

daphne said...

You made it look so easy rolling it up! I would probably tear the egg or it make it look messy! :)