Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bitter Gourd with Eggs

Bitter food is healthy food especially bitter gourd.  If your body feels heaty, bitter gourd will be recommended to you because it is a very cooling food.  But because it is bitter, I hardly ever buy it because my husband is a picky eater and I am not sure how well it will fair with my girls.

One day, while I was shopping at the Asian supermarket, the bitter gourd that I saw just looked so fresh and inviting that it was calling me to pick it up.  A Chinese chef that I knew told me to pick bitter gourd that has wide ridges, then it won't be that bitter.  I also sprinkled it with sea salt, hoping that some bitterness would come out as well.  Additionally, I took the safer route to fry it with eggs as my husband and girls all loved eggs, and would probably eat anything that contains eggs.

The result:  They all finished it.  My girls did complain that it is bitter, but I told them that's why it is good for you and eat them up and so they did.  Maybe I should also blanch it first to make it even less bitter?


1 small bitter gourd, washed, cut into half vertically and scoop out the seeds.  Then thinly sliced it.
4 cage free brown eggs, beaten and season with rice wine, salt and white pepper
Oil for cooking


* To reduce the bitterness, you can soak the bitter gourd with sea salt, rinse and blanch it first.

1.  Heat up your wok, when hot, add in oil.  Add in bitter gourd and stir-fry the until soften.  Dish out and set aside on a plate.

2.  With the same wok, add in more oil.  When hot, add in the beaten eggs and scramble it.  When almost cooked, add in the bitter gourd, mix well together.  Season with sea salt and a little chicken stock granules.  Serve on a plate and sprinkle with more white pepper on top.


Yi @ Yi Reservation said...

Bitter melon is one of my favorite Asian vegetables. I like the simple scrambled egg version and I can have this a few times a week if that's possible. Thanks for sharing this delicious and easy recipe!

Alice said...

Initially I didn't really fancy bittergourd. My hubby loves it, and I learned from there that it's actually good. Will cook this for him (and me) soon. Thks! :)

tigerfish said...

Bittergourd is also one of my fav. vegetables. I like to pair with eggs - soup or in stir-fry. If you ever get salted eggs or make it yourself, bittergourd with salted egg is quite good too.

PH said...

This is my favourite bittergourd dish! Somehow the bitterness does not bother me and I will eat bittergourd whichever way it is cooked.

Unknown said...

Bitter Melon is a good vegetable, it just taste Bitter, but its very good for Health. As it is one of my favorite vegetable. Thank you for sharing Recipes. Hope you would post still more recipes.

Healthytips said...

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