Monday, December 31, 2012

Polenta with Chicken Mushroom Sauce

I have been wanting to try the organic polenta for sometimes but I needed time to think of how and what to serve it with.  The above was the result of much thought.  I loved how soft and nutty the polenta tasted and the slight crispness from the edges resulting from pan-frying it in olive oil.  It didn't look much but was actually quite filling and well served as an alternative to rice or bread.  It was delicious to pair it with the creamy mushroom sauce.  The pine nuts added a wonderful crunch to the mushroom sauce and juicy white chicken.  You can choose to grill the chicken breast or pan-frying it in extra virgin olive oil.  Overall, it was a satisfying and balance meal.

Pantry essentials are those go-to ingredients that you love to reach for when thinking up new ways to create holidays dishes that wow friends and family.  Polenta is a great meatless dish to add to your weekly cooking repertoire, their Crepes are an easy no-muss-no-fuss dessert and Pine Nuts make for a wonderful crunch to any dish whether savory or sweet.  Not only that, they have lots of unique, hard to find and specialty items such as exotic fruits and vegetables. Check out Friedas for any of your pantry essentials need and specialty items.

I love these ready-to-use French Style Crepes, it makes making a delicious dessert super quick and easy.  I just spread it with a thin layer of Jif Chocolate/ Nutella and roll it up and sprinkle some powder sugar on top.  Can I say YUMMY!!   You can also use this to make the famous Crepes Cake and cut down on hours of labor!

* I received free samples from Friedas.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.


1.  Season the chicken breast with JoJo Seasoning from The Spice Depot on both sides and pan-fry in extra virgin olive oil until golden brown and cook through.

2.  Microwave broccoli with thyme and butter.  Recipe here.

3.  Pan-fry the sliced polenta with a little extra virgin olive oil until soften and slightly brown.

4.  Cook the creamy mushroom sauce and pour it on top of the cooked chicken breast and sprinkle the top with some pine nuts.

My version of creamy mushroom sauce:

Heat up a saucepan, add in extra virgin olive oil, add in shallots, pan-fry until soften.  Add in mushroom (I used Shiitake mushroom), stir until mushroom is soften.  Add in chicken stock.  Season with Italian seasonings and pepper medley.  Add heavy cream and season to taste with sea salt.  Thicken with potato starch + water mixture.

Friedas ready-to-use French Style Crepes, Jif's Chocolate spread, some powder sugar and there you have it!  You can add fresh berries too if you have some on hand.


PH said...

I've always been curious about polenta, got to try some soon. Love the way you served it. And the crepes, yum!

daphne said...

I'm back! Love the ideas ...sometimes having things like that in your freezer makes meals so handy. I have not seen polenta like this yet in our supermarkets... only the package kind.. that will be so much more handy. Happy new year!!!

Belinda said...

Looks like a complete meal!

tigerfish said...

I tried cooking polenta once and do not like the idea that it sticks to the pot while boiling for it to cook.

Your set meal looks very good! Though I like pine nuts (and they are nutritious too), I hardly buy them cos quite expensive here.

tigerfish said...

I tried making polenta from scratch (boiling and cooking corn meal) one time and did not like that they are quite sticky (sticks to the pot and makes washing up difficult). Ready-made polenta sounds good - just slice and pan-fry :)