Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stir Fried Rice Flour & Wheat Starch Noodle

Another easy stir-fried noodle dish.  I fried this noodle before.  This time I just added a little more ingredients.  When I was shopping at my Asian market, I loved to browse through the fresh noodle section and bought few packets of different variety to freeze at home.  I just thawed it the day before and I will have fresh noodle handy for whenever my mood strikes.

My husband loved to buy lots of fried chicken at the supermarket.  I was trying to cook healthier food and he tried to buy unhealthy food home.  He bought so much that I had to freeze portions for later use.  For the one I frozen, I always peeled off the skin, cut off all the fried stuff and just used the meat in my cooking.  I had used it in my chicken noodle soup before, fried rice and all sort of fried noodle.  Leftover for better use huh?

I'm sharing this noodle with Presto Pasta Nights, an event created by Ruth from Once Upon a Feast This week host is  Katie of Thyme for Cooking! Check out her delicious round up on April, 30th!


I packet of Vietnamese rice flour & wheat starch noodle
1 leftover fried chicken breast, remove skin and bone, shredded 
A bowl of washed bean sprouts
2 scallions, cut into 1 inch
1/4 large red bell pepper, thinly sliced
8 fried tofu (taufu pok), cut
1 small carrot, julienne
3 cloves of garlic, minced

Oyster sauce
Dark soy sauce
Peppers (black or white)
Salt and sugar 


1.  Heat up a wok, when heated, add in some cooking oil.  Add in garlic and white part of scallion, fry for a little while, add in carrot and red bell pepper.  Stir-fry well.

2.  Add in noodle and stir-fry well.  Add in cooked chicken breast and fried tofu, mix and add in seasonings.  Add in a little water if needed.

3.  Lastly, add in bean sprouts and green part of scallion.  Quickly stir-fry it to cook the bean sprouts.  Dish out and serve hot.  You can serve it with your favorite chili paste, sambal or chili padi.


Katie Zeller said...

I love doing stir-fries with pasta... Now I need to see if I can find these noodles and do it properly..... Thanks for a grat recipe!

MaryMoh said...

This looks very delicious.I wish I can get those rice flour and wheat starch noodles. Haven't seen them here. Maybe I can use rice noodles instead.

Sook said...

OH I love noodle dishes like this! Looks so appetizing.

Noob Cook said...

I haven't tried this noodles before. One dish meals is such a delight!

Unknown said...

looks very very yummy! hehehe and i too love to buy fried chicken from supermarkets :D

i wanna fry some unhealthy noodles this weekend~

Bits said...

Oh yeah! Simple and delicious noodle... such a convenient dish for working mum like me! Lovely!

Ruth Daniels said...

We have similar stories to tell wanting healthier, he wanting...well...

Your stir fried noodles looks like a wonderful way to combine the two. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

daphne said...

what versatility! I have seen these rice noodles around-got to give it a go some day!

Little Corner of Mine said...

You are welcome katiez.

MaryMoh, rice noodle is softer and might broke into pieces when stir-fried. You can use Udon noodle.

Thanks Sook, me too!

Noobcook, give this noodle a try if you can get it. ;)

Thanks Rita, now I am curious about your unhealthy noodle.

Thanks Bits of Taste, definitely easier for working mom to cook for her family.

Haha Ruth, totally get it. My hubby kept bringing pastry back for breakfast too and I hate to waste food and noticed that it mostly went into my body. I need to stay in focus with my one piece of whole wheat bread for breakfast now. (I have gained some unwanted pounds) :(

Food For Tots said...

Haven't seen this type of noodle in the supermarket. Your noodles look so tasty with lots of ingredients!

You're always a very health-conscious mom cum wife. Keep up the good job!

tigerfish said...

I never spend a lot of time in fresh noodle section cos I thought: if I buy them fresh, I must use it up quickly - and this deters me as I am afraid of wastage if I don't use them

Never thought can be frozen again, DOH!

Joanne said...

Oh husbands, what to do with them! I need to go to my local Asian market to try to find some fresh noodles. This looks delicious!

gelato2005 said...


I've been following your blog for some time and think it is great. I live in the US too and it is nice to follow your suggestions for recipes that can be cooked with items available in the US.

I have a friend who is moving to the Boulder area and was wondering if you know of any Asian markets close by to that area.

Thanks for your help.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Gelato, just go to the Chinatown areas (around Federal and Alameda), lots of Asian supermarkets, authentic Chinese restaurants and Vietnamese restaurants there. Your friend can find everything there. There is a big Korean supermarket, H-Mart at Parker too.

gelato2005 said...

Thanks for the fast response. Do you also live in the Boulder area? Are there many Chinese/Asian people living in Boulder?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Gelato, not too sure because I'm not in Boulder. I'm in Colorado Springs, about an hour south of Dennver. But I know for sure lots of Asian/Chinese in Denver areas, close proximity to Boulder. Thus the big Asian supermarkets (many big ones) and lots of authentic Chinese restaurants with dim sum (but none in my place). I see lots of Chinese in the supermarkets and restaurants, some might live in Boulder, I don't know.