Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baked Raisin Donuts

These baked donuts are not very sweet and suitable for glazing and icing. Texture is cake like and soft. The texture is different from the dough like deep fried donuts that we grew to love. But a healthy alternative to introduce to children. A very good breakfast grab and go or after school snack. I omitted the glazing and icing because I see those as extra calories and fat. I am also one of those that would scratch off the icing/frosting on top of a piece of cake before I eat it (yeah we do exist!). I have learned eating healthy starts at a young age. If you start them young, they will probably follow this eating habit when they grow up. I started when I was in my teens (I used to love all the fatty meat and chicken skin), but when my parents started having issue with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and thus changes in my mom cooking to accommodate less salt, no red meat, no high cholesterol food, etc. It changed my way of eating too and made me awared of the term "cholesterol" and how to eat healthy to prevent it. So, twenty+ years down the road, I can tell you IT WORKS! I'm medium size build, always like this (not the skinny type) and in Malaysia, people are considered me FAT. But, I have very good overall cholesterol reading, good Tri, good HDL and LDL numbers (without any exercise, but now I try to incorporate 30 minutes of cardio exercise and some running everyday). Whereas my older sister and younger brother now both have high cholesterol and my brother is the skinny type. So, it proved to me that my diet works and I just have to keep following this eating habit and fight off the temptation.

Okay, back to topic, I re-created this recipe to accommodate the American 6 oz. size of yogurt. Using 150g out of 170g tub of yogurt we have here just too troublesome for me. I just wanted to use the whole tub without doing any measuring, and hence this recipe for my future reference. Can certainly add a little more sugar if you like it sweeter or just glaze it.



  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup white granulated sugar
  • 3/4 tsp. baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp. salt


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tub (6oz/170g) plain yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp. canola oil
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup dried raisins


1. In a big glass bowl, combine (A). Whisk thoroughly with a whisk.

2. In the center, add (B) except raisins. Whisk until combine. Add raisins and mix well. Use a spoon and fill the greased donut pan.

3. Bake at preheated 400'F oven for 10 minutes. Remove with a toothpick and cool on wire rack. Store in air-tight container.

*Yields 12 healthy
baked donuts*

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sock peng said...

aiyo, saw ur food at midnight
a bit hungry

Pearl said...

ahh. i wish i had a donut pan :)

Cookie said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I also prefer baked donut to deep frying & this is the first time I come across such a recipe... but first of all I guess I need to get hold of the donut tray!


tigerfish said...

Healthy donuts - is that what you are saying? Yay!

Peony said...

ya, it's quite irritating to have yogurt in diff sizes among the different brands.
.. so me too also just dump the whole tub in, irregardless of the amt.

some of the yogurt here in Sg come in 100g, 120g and 150g or even bigger capacity.

but the donuts come out ok leh, heehee.

Sarah R said...

mmm, these look great! Now to find a donut pan... would a muffin tin work, you think?

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

oh yes,this is healthy donut!! I just have grand opening using my new donut pan,not the one I bought 2 year ago but another new one! Hubby said it's doesn't taste good as deep thime I will use your recipe.thanks for sharing:)

pRiyA said...

this looks too lovely and healthy not to try. i didn't know there were donut pans. can i give this a shot in a muffin tray or can i just heap spoonfulls on a cookie sheet?

Lori said...

I would so like to have on of those with my morning coffee. I need to make these for my kids.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sock Peng, hehe... :P

Pearl, go invest in one, look for it at outlet store or discount store. ;)

Cookie, now I don't buy commercial donuts anymore, prefer to make my own. Yes, go buy a donut tray.

Yes Tigerfish, less sugar, less fat, no trans fat, all the good stuff. :)

Really Peony? Over here I think we have two sizes, one 6 oz adult size, the other is smaller for kids. I guess a little different in yogurt measurement is fine in this recipe, very forgiving.

Hi Sarah, yes muffin tin works as well, but it will turn out more like a muffin. This is more like a yogurt cake baked in a donut tray to trick us/kids into thinking we are eating a donut, you know what I mean?

Hi Beachlover, this is baked, not deep-fried, of course it's different in taste. But mine is still soft and moist on the third day. Tell your hubby this baked donuts is so much healthier for him, he has to start learning to eat healthier food. It's definitely better than the cakey, dry donuts version we found at store.

Priya, you can use muffin tray. But better to invest in a donuts tray. Then, it will look like donut isn't it? :P

Hi Lori, yes please try this. I made this recipe often for our breakfast and afternoon snack. Hope you will like it too! :)

ICook4Fun said...

Totally agreed that this is much healthier and also without any artificial flavoring and preservatives.

SIG said...

GOsh, I can never make baked donuts. I've tried at least thrice. Just jinxed i suppose.

Noob Cook said...

They look so pretty and inviting ... I didn't know can add yoghurt ... I'm such a noob hehe

pRiyA said...

I wanted to tell you that i just made these (in muffin pans). They are so easy to make, I thought no way is it going to be as delicious as it looks on your blog. But it is delicious and I am DEFINITELY making these again, next time in donut pans which I am off to buy!

Thanks! I love easy, delicious and healthy recipes and your blog is full of them.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Gert. :)

SIG, how come? I thought this recipe is very forgiving. Did you try the same recipe?

Yeah noobcook, now we have a healthier version of cake that made with yogurt.

Thanks Priya for your feedback. I'm so glad you liked it, it made my day. :) Come back often for my easy, delicious and healthy recipes too! ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

wow such lovely donuts, I saw lesly too have been baking donuts, I must get some too! :)

Lia said...

The perfect shape donut! Look so scrumptious

Lore said...

No more fried doughnuts for me! Yours look so delicious, YUM-O

Audrey said...

Would it be okay to substitute egg substitute for the egg (cholesterol issues), and unsweetened applesauce for canola oil (have to REALLY watch my fat intake).

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Audrey, I think it should be okay to substitute for both mentioned.

Audrey said...

Great thanks! And, just out of curiousity, what is the yogurt a replacement for? Is it substitutable for canned pumpkin(no health reasons for that one, just have a LOT of canned pumpkin)?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Audrey, I don't advice you to substitute the yogurt because you will need it to make the donut soft and not come out dense. Use your pumpkin to make my pumpkin cake, really delicious.

Anonymous said...

My newest go-to is Craisins. That would be great in place of the raisins, don't you think? I am going to try your basic doughnut recipe. So far I've only baked doughnuts once, and they turned out great! thanks for all the experimenting you have done, it helps me a lot!