Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pandan Dodol - Homemade

My family loved dodol. We adored the triangle shaped Durian dodol and Pandan dodol. But the online store where I got my fix from had closed down. So, what to do? Guess I will have to make my own. When I was at Lily's house on CNY party, I got a taste (more than a taste, :P) at her homemade dodol. It was so gooooood, I got a fix then. Later, her daughter told me it was very easy to make, just use the microwave. Okay, anything easy was what I liked, so I went to look at Lily's recipe, very few ingredients which I have, instruction seem fairly easy too. So, why not?

Well, not so easy! Expect to have some good arm exercise at stirring the mixture vigorously for about 11 intervals or so. I kept stirring and stirring and when I touched the dodol, it still stuck to my finger even though it was shinning. Luckily at 11 intervals, I finally did it, I thought it would never stop. So, if you want to eat some dodol, expect to work hard for it. :P

Wrapped nicely to cool off.

You can find the original recipe at Lily's blog. Below is my adaptation of her recipe with added pandan extract. Resulted pandan dodol: soft, with the fragrant of Pandan and slightly chewy, simply delectable! My hard work was well worth it.



  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 8 oz Gula Melaka, cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tsp. Pandan extract


  • 1 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 1 Tbsp. rice flour
  • 1 can (400ml) coconut cream (Cream not milk ok!)
  • 1/2 cup water

Dodol, dodol 我爱你!Very generous with my slices, Evy said it looked like a worm. :) Can you see how soft it is?


1. Add (A) in a microwave safe glass bowl and cook on "High" in a microwave for 5 minutes. Use a whisk and whisk until sugar dissolved. If not, cook for another minute.

2. Add (B) and whisk until combined. Strain the mixture.

3. Cook on "High" at 3 minutes interval, stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon at every interval. Continue to cook and stir until mixture thickens, is shinny and does not stick to finger when touched. It took me 11 intervals, ouch my arm!

4. Transfer dodol to a greased (I sprayed mine with canola oil) cling wrap, wrap up well and let it cool at room temperature. When cooled, cut into pieces and enjoy. Keep it at room temperature well wrapped. It is so good, it will be finished in no time, but very fattening, so snack on it smartly.
I finished mine on the 3rd day (I snacked on it smartly, divided by 4 persons each day :P) and it was still as soft as the 1st day.

Look at how my girls helped me polished the bowl! Yes girls, don't waste the dodol.

So good mommy, 很好吃啊,妈妈! :)


ICook4Fun said...

Can I have some pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!
I love dodol and used to help my mother made this. Lots of stirring for hours. I like your method better. I am going to make some once I get some palm sugar.

Valerie K said...

Hi there,

That looks really yummy!! What can I substitute Gula Melaka with? What is a coconut cream which brand did you use?

Thanks! Hope to get my dodol fix as well. Valerie

Pearl said...

:o how cool!
and omgosh your daughters are absolutely adorable. gaaah! when i have a baby girl, i'm giving her that haircut, too hehehe :)

Crystal said...

That looks very interesting! Almost looks like Jello, but it probably tastes a lot different. Is it similar to dishes made with agar-agar?

GoodyFood said...

Wow! Yummy! I'll definitely try this out.Indeed of using microwave can I use to cook on a stove?

Tuty said...

What coconut cream brand did you use? Thank you.

Family First said...

Wow! This is the first time I come across a dodol recipe!! And so easy some more with the microwave!!!

noobcook said...

I have never heard or eaten this b4. Judging from the happy faces, it must be really tasty :D

GoodyFood said...

Can I cook that in a work? Like the traditional style?

Bakeling said...

看到连个小代言人的表情就知道好吃啦 !

Little Corner of Mine said...

Gert, oh yeah you are going to love this method more for sure, definitely a short cut compared to the olden days. And it's really delicious!

Hi Valerie, thanks. I used Savoy coconut cream, my favorite brand. But other coconut cream brands seem to work just as well, just make sure you buy coconut cream. As for Gula Melaka, I'm not sure whether there is a good substitute out there. There is Thai palm sugar, but a little different in flavor. So, not sure whether the outcome would be as good.

Hahaha...thanks Pearl. :)

Hi College Girl, it's completely different from agar-agar. This is like a soft and slightly chewy candy, very addictive! A little elastic too.

GoodyFood, of course you can cook it the traditional way, using a wok and on the stove, but it's going to be hard work. Standing and stirring the gluey and sticky mixture for hours with your hand okay? I got to rest my arm while waiting for the microwave, not sure whether you will get to rest yours when it's on the stove though. :P

Hi Tuty, I used my favorite Savoy coconut cream (blue tin, got a picture at my kuih bangkit post). :)

Family First, it's so much easier with a microwave, you should try this, very yummy.

Noobcook, it is yummy. Next time when you visit Malaysia, go buy some Dodol to try. ;)

哈哈Bakeling. 谢谢! 是真的很好吃哦。

SIG said...

Haha so cute the girls, but I have never been a fan of dodol. Maybe the pandan one I don't mind trying. Send some my way lol.

My Asian Kitchen said...

I love you too..Dodol!!lol! wow!! superb dodol!! just look at your gals!!

tigerfish said...

Durian dodol for me, please cos that is the only dodol I believe I have tried.

My Taste Heaven said...

Thank you for showing us the recipe to make pandan dodol. We will have durian next month, so I think it's time to make durian dodol! Yeah!

Camemberu said...

Oh the dodol looks so delicious! I am normally not fond of dodol, but your photos are making me crave some. Can use microwave to cook!? I'm amazed!

And OMG your daughters so cute!!!!!!

Baking Fiend said...

LOLz... when i 1st opened yr blog, i thought i saw "panadol"!

i duno if this is popular in sg, but i've not tried this b4!

Retno Prihadana said... made dodol by yourown, well done ching! I like it very much especialy Dodol Durian. I´m sure homemade dodol is much better in its taste.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh Sig, you will like the Pandan one. Durian dodol only for durian fan, but surprisingly my girls loved durian dodol too! And I thought they would be put off by the smell, go figure eh.

Thanks My Asian Kitchen...hahaha...

Oh Tigerfish, next time try the Pandan dodol, very fragrant. But for the same price, I think eat durian dodol is more worth it. :P

You are welcome My Taste Heaven. :)

Thanks Camemberu. Yeah isn't microwave amazing? Still lots of stirring though. :P

Baking Fiend, hmmm...a lot of Singaporean never tried it before, interesting!

Thanks Retno. It's definitely softer than the store-bought one. :)

Jin Hooi said...

OMG .. I love DODOL !!!! Can i have some pleaseeeee... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching,
Ur dodol looks so delicious tht i knew i had to try this recipe right away! :)

Cant believe tht microwave method can be so easy. Never bothered to try b4 cos the traditional method is so tediously long!

Here is the pic of dodol i made -

Thks to both u n Lily for sharing this yummy recipe!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Jin Hooi, it's easy to make, make some at home! ;)

Hi aquariusgal, I'm so glad that you tried it and loved it. Thanks for sharing your picture too. :)

Anonymous said...

May I ask how do you make durian dodol with this recipe? I am a S'porean living in US and I do miss my durian dodol esp the ones from Tan Kim Hock!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sorry Anon, I have no idea how to make a durian dodol from this recipe. Perhaps you can hop over to Lily's blog and ask her. She might have a durian dodol recipe in her blog.