Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here at Last

Yes, we are finally here in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Getting use to the hot and humid weather again but this time I find the weather is tolerable. My girls are doing good as well, at least they didn't complain they are hot. Going to Singapore this weekend, at least my girls will have some fun visiting Sentosa Island and Vivo City and their relatives. Here in J.B. is pretty boring, nothing much to do and nothing special to eat. Thus far, my hubby got his new passport done. It was done in few hours, surprisingly fast, went there in the morning and collected the passport in the afternoon and I waited 3 months to get my passport from U.S. Will update more after the trip to Singapore.


daphne said...

It will be my turn to be in KL/SG the following week! Darn, I think we will miss each other. =(

SIG said...

Hehe, getting nearer. ;) Great he got his ppt settled so fast.

Big Boys Oven said...

if you are in KL, do give us a tinkle!

Anonymous said...
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Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes Daphne, we will miss each other because I will be in PJ at that time.

Yes D! Will see you soon! Hehe...

Hi BBOven,
Will see what I can do. My hubby is not too keen of me meeting male bloggers leh. :P

Janet, will certainly do! :)

Indonesia Eats said...

just wanna say hello.. since I've been quite busy to visit my fellow foodie bloggers. good to know you're in M'sia now

Beachlover said...

Yes,these days Msia is very effecient renew PP.My sis get her PP in 2 hours in KL,mine 2 days in NYC.You should meet all the flogger and blogger while you're there if you can.As for BBO,don't worry,they are nice ppls.I meet few of them while I was in KL.Bring your hubby together.Maybe BBO have gathering and you guys can go makan together.That would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching, not sure if you had try makan at the following place. Just my Kaypoh suggestion only. JB very boring, nothing much to see and shop.
1. bak kut teh Restorant Loy Soon at Jln. Sagu 15, Taman Daya,JB
2. Directly next door "Ang's Laksa"
3. Restorant Orkid - BBQ pork ribs is good at Jln. Sagu 36, Tmn. Daya. It's a corner lot shop. Then oposite row, further up Wei Wei restorant the Ham Char is highly recommended. Then they had Hakka Yong Tau foo, Pan Meen - good.
4. Water Works Laksa at NongChik is good.
5. Old town cafe coffee is good and food ok.
6. TGI Friday western food at Jotic Building - food is good but a little ex.
7. Crab King Restorant ( behind Jusco Tebrau ) Sorry not sure of the Jalan.
8. Opposite Carrefore open air Steam boat eat all you can very cheap, got live prawns. Next to The store.
9. Pondorosa Golf Club at Tmn. Molek eat all you can 43 chinese dishes at RM 30 sometihng plus plus. Must book cos limited seat. dishes inclusive sharkfin, fish,crab, sometimes got fresh oyster.
10. Ah Koon fish ball noodle at Taman Sentosa. Fish cake is good.
11. Taman Daya behind CIMB bank one of the corner coffee shop with quite a number of stores the char kuey tiaw is good, Tampoi Laksa - highly recommended but 12pm to 3 pm habis liao. Rojak and Ju Hu Eng Chai is good too. Then the bak kut teh is good too. They don't sell at night cos everything finish very fast. Forgot the shop name cos
go in makan and cabut dee.
Regards Amelia

P/S Sorry take up too much space, after reading not necessary to publish my comment, ok.
my email sspeng@streamyx.com

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Indo-eats, are you in Indonesia too?

I know they are nice ppls and I want to meet them too. Time in PJ is kinda short and I have to meet a few friends but I will see what I can do. Let me go get their phone number first. Thanks! :)

Awww Amelia, thank you! thank you! This list really comes in handy! I have to publish it so that I can copy everything down and start eating from the list. Will start with the bak kut teh for lunch today. :) Thank You again! You really save me this time. :)

Anonymous said...

Ching, one more place nice and cheap "Anna's kitchen" behind Hyatt Hotel/condo. Will be able to spot this place near Sedap Corner.

"Taat House" Penang food it's a bungalow conveted to a Restorant at Jln Tun Abdul Razak. Behind InterPacific Securities ( Stock & Share Company )

" Tua Tau" coffee shop opposite the Bomba old shop house. Next to it is petrol station then court mamoth. Use the inner road, food is good and cheap but very crowed.

hope you enjoy your maknamania. Have a nice day. Amelia

Anonymous said...

Ching, this is for you, hope you won't lost your way.


Nilmandra said...

I really enjoyed Vivocity when I went back to Singapore. The roof top terrace/garden/wading pool is a hit with kids and families (especially when it's so hot). Bring towels and slippers for your kids if they go wading in the paddling pool!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Amelia. Will have to copy it down and ask my sister in-law since we don't know our way around here.

Thanks Nilmandra,
Will certainly prepare towels for my kids since my girls love paddling pool.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I was also surprised when I got my passport done in 2 hrs compared to 4 months in US! Have fun in Msia and enjoy all the yummy food!

Anonymous said...
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