Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fat liao Fat liao

How can I not putting on weight? All the yummy food, three meals a day plus all the food I wanted to try....siao liao lor. Furthermore, I have more than one week of makaning before flying back to U.S. Man, not sure to cut back on eating or what! Gained 10 pounds already and still eating.... *pengsang* Really have to go on diet and exercise when I go back to U.S.

Just got back from Genting Highland and really enjoyed the weather there, not as cold but at least it was not hot. My girls were having fun at the indoor theme park, really worth it for the whole day pass. I managed to try the Durian and Pandan tarts at Gotong Jaya. Not bad lah, not really crazy for it!

The other day we bought some D24 durian at Giant. They cut it fresh in front of us before they wrapped it. It was selling 2 for $20 and we started chatting and the friendly uncle gave me a package of local durian ($5) free. Very nice hor? My hubby even get to sample the D24 durian to make sure it was good before buying. My Evy refused to eat durian but my "thiamjiak" Edda ate everything even the durian. I think Edda is just like the mommy who "sapu" or eat anything, that's why both of us are so chubby...hahaha...

I tried King Crab restaurant recently and really loved it. Hor Jiak leh! The salted egg yolk squid, oh my goodness, so sinful and yet so delicious, I couldn't stop eating it! The Guiness Pork Ribs also one of my favorites, the flavor is just so nice. I'm actually debating on whether to go back there again or try other new restaurant like New Formosa restaurant.


tigerfish said...

It's liddat wan lah! Everytime I go back SG, I sure put on! Eat while you can lah. Go back US where got such yummy food :p

Good that supermarkets in Asia has D24. Here in TW and even in California, only can get the Thai "Golden Pillow"...not v nice coz not "stinky" enough. LOL!

Enjoy enjoy...

ICook4Fun said...

Look like you are really having a good time makaning back home. You must try New Formosa at SS2. I really like the food there. Don't worry about going on a diet over there. Eat what you want and diet only when you come back here :) :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Tigerfish & Gert,
That's why I eat eat and eat lor. So many food I have yet to try, no time to try all also. Going back to JB this Sunday, but the food there not as delicious.

So susah, my dad wants to bring us to eat curry fish head tonight and the only time I can try New Formosa at SS2 is this afternoon (not sure open for lunch or not?). No time to makan in PJ anymore, tomorrow guests will be arriving and my mom will cook dinner.

Beachlover said... guys lucky somemore got D24 durian to makan.When I was there I keep looking high and low for kampung durian but not much.They said durian season about I'm so jelousy!!hahaha!!.If you like Taiwanese food New Formosa is OK.BBO bring me there to makan wt few other flogger b4 CNY..Just eat don't worried about diet.My spare tire still around after one month back from KL.hahaha!!

Anonymous said...


Me here too, sorry for the late reply as I was also bz makaning n bringing an old friend arnd Penang as she is also back for hols fr Birmingham.

Yeah,eat as much as u can whn u r back home,otherwise no chance liao till your next return. Oopss..but I always stopped my children from over-eating each time they r back for summer hols...hahaha!!!

Too bad that you could not make a trip to Penang. Never mind,hope to see u in the near future.

Erm.. I think u have mistaken beachlover for Gert


Chibog in Chief said...

i normally do sit up at night to maintain my body :-) of course i do that while imagining a recipe to cook LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah! When u go back, can diet all u want lah! I oso put on tons when I visit SIN but heck, who cares?! If don't eat, sure REGRET one hor! I am curious how u still hv the chance to cook when confronted with so many yummy choices of outside food when u go home....... how u do it ah?

Sweet Jasmine said...

Eat til you to taste malaysian food when back in US....glad you really had a nice time eating all the goodies...esp durians....

Ling's Passion said...

No worries lah. Can always go on diet after returning to US.

Unknown said...

Hello, nice to hear you enjoy your travel back home so much....
cheers chrissy

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, homework for you when you finish enjoying yrself over food....just pop in to claim it when free. Happy holidays and happy eating.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I got spare tires already!!

Will sure make time to visit Penang the next time I go back.

No wonder you are so slim! :)

Oklah, will eat before I regret. All the food pictures posted was done when I was in U.S. saved in my draft. I didn't cook while I'm here. :)

Sweet Jasmine,
Yes Madam! Also, will claim whatever when I back in US. The broadband access here very lousy, always got disconnected.

Yes Ling. :)

Thanks for stopping by Chrissy. I do enjoy the food here but not the heat though. :P