Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie

I made Gert's chicken pot pie the other night because I have all the ingredients at home. I omitted the potatoes because we don't really like it and added the corn kernels. I made my own pie crusts as well. With a food processor, pie crust is very easy to make. I did the lattice by hands, didn't know we get to buy the lattice pie cutter these days, can really save a lot of work.

Since I used raw chicken breasts instead of cooked and omitted the potatoes. My cooking method was slightly different. First, I had to saute the chicken until cooked with the onion, and I only used one cup of water since I didn't have to boil cook the potatoes. Lastly I thicken the sauce with some cornstarch.

A slice of the pot pie the lazy way (instead of the individual ones, Gert & I made it into one big pie)! My hubby actually liked it and had three huge pieces. Edda liked it too except the picky Evy. I think that was because she didn't like celery but she did finish the top crust and most of the filling. Gert, thanks for sharing this recipe. :o)

Editing to add:

This is what happen as of now, cloudy with heavy snow falls !! And it's MAY 1st TODAY!!


ICook4Fun said...

The pastry and lattice is so beautifully done. Me too lazy just used store bought pastry and lattice mould :)The pastry looks really flaky. Can you share the recipe with us?

ting said...

the lattice top is so nicely done :)i would have opted for the lazy way too haha. woah the weather over in US is really erratic huh?

Big Boys Oven said...

I would love on romancing your pie!

Ling's Passion said... do your lattice like a pro and the pie looks yummy too.

daphne said...

Oh wow! The lattice turned out so pretty. Makes me want to make one too. I dont have a food processer though so that will be a little messy.

Cheryl said...

Wow! That lattice is beautiful! I loooove chicken pot pie.

Peony said...

seeing your pie make me wanna do one too.
I do admire your skill and that you still have the time to do such intricate crust with 2 active toddlers.

oh, I think phoon huat sell the lattice cutter. Didn't strike me that it is to be used like this. now will look out for it, heehee.

Beachlover said...

You make a nice lattice too!! .I guess that take quite a lot of time eh?.I never attempt to make lattice style,maybe I should try now!hehehe!!.Congratulation !! U get your PR 2 back!


The Pie look nice and very even's must be yummy ,I don't like the pie in the market ,the crust is too thick :) ....Ya .... I know how you feel with snowing in May .... My place here is the same , still snowing last night .... and cold ..


Cakespy said...

Well, regardless of the weather...that crust looks perfect!! Wonderful comfort food!

Unknown said...

oh goshhhh

look at that crust...i wish i could make gorgeous!!!

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hope you'll play along :)
looking forward to your take on chinese take-out ^_^

SIG said...

Wow, I love that pie! It looks heavenly. Great work!

Chibog in Chief said...

oh this look so yummy.i wonder how did you do the top of it... :-)

Baking Fiend said...

piping hot pie for the cold weather! the lattice is nicely done. :)

Nilmandra said...

You did the lattice pattern by hand! I'm so impressed!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Gert. Sure, I will share the pastry recipe in a separate post later. My keeper recipe. :)

Yes, Ting, really unpredictable! I didn't know there is a lattice mold until Gert posted the picture. :P

Ugh? What do you mean BBOven, like the movie "American Pie"? LMAO ROTFL :D :P

Thanks Ling!

Thanks Daphne. Yup, a bit messy without the food processor.

Thanks Cheryl. It turned out to be delicious too.

Hahaha...Peony, another toy to get huh? Actually this lattice very easy to do only.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Beachlover. I made lattice on my apple pie too and not difficult to make at all and the outcome is beautiful. Yeah, got a PR2, still less than before but at least it's not a zero anymore, thanks!

Thanks Lily. Your place is snowing too? Crazy right?

Thanks Cakespy! :)

Thanks Rita. Will hop over to take a look after this! Would love to play!

Thanks D! :)

Thanks Dhanggit. It's hard to explain. One supposed to do the lattice on a countertop, then tranfer it to the pie and cut off the access.

Thanks baking fiend. :)

Yes I did Nilmandra and thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow, that lattice top is a sight to behold! i love chicken pot pie, but i usually get lazy and throw some store-bought puff pastry on top. i bow before you.

also, i'm totally with you on mixing the potatoes. somehow, they always seem to retain all the heat of the oven indefinitely, and then burn the heck outta my mouth.

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful pie crust! I wish you were near by to teach me how to do that.
Very nice job!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Michelle! And you were right about the potatoes retain the heat, what's up with that right? :P

Thanks Kristen. It's very easy, try it!

Dwiana P said...

yaw.... I am not looking forward for the snow in May. I hope we don't get it. Your pot pie is very good looking!! Oh love it.

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow...a lot of work for the lattice pattern....nice job and lovely pie....!

Cranberry said...

Gorgeous Pie! love the lattice patter n on your pie..lots of hardwork yeah. Hope I can try out this recipe pretty soon :) Thanks for sharing.