Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easy & Delicious Stir-fried Tofu

I like healthy food. Healthy food to me is that the dish has to be colorful, with lean skinless chicken breasts, fish or tofu. I also cook with lots of fresh garlic, ginger, scallion, shallot or onion. The above dish is healthy to me because it has celery, carrot, straw mushroom and tofu. It's a vegetarian dish actually. This dish is so easy to cook with only two seasonings and yet the taste is so divine. Tigerfish cooked a similar version recently too.


7oz soft tofu, cut into cubes
1/2 can of straw mushrooms, drained
1 medium carrot, sliced
2 sticks of celery, cut
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 cup of water
2 Tbsp. of cooking oil

2 Tbsp. oyster sauce
2 Tbsp. Japanese white rice wine


1. Heat the wok with oil. Add in garlic, fry until golden. Add in celery and carrot. Stir-fry until almost cooked. Add in the straw mushrooms. Stir-fry well and add in the seasonings and water.

2. Lastly add the cubes tofu, fry until heated through and mixed well with the sauce and veggies. Serve hot.


SIG said...

I love tofu although I can't eat too much of it. Princess would love this dish. :)

Beachlover said...

A good decent chinese yet simply dish!!.I also just cook tofu for Mishu dinner.I guess we chinese can't leave without tofu!!lol!

ICook4Fun said...

Simple and healthy. That is the best!!!

Indonesia Eats said...

This kind of food is our favourite

daphne said...

oo.. it looks healthy! Goes well with porridge or rice I think. I love the colours.

tigerfish said...

So healthy! I like it! So tasty! I love it!

Unknown said...

easy, delicious, and also healthy and tasty ya? hehehe looks like something a mother in law would tooootally approve

Anonymous said...

You have trained your kids well. My kids would not touch veges unless by force.

Little Corner of Mine said...

D, yeah I read about that. Cook it for princess lor. :)

Haha L, we do love our tofu and it's nutricious too.

Thanks Gert, Indo-eats, daphne, tigerfish and Rita. :)

My little one eats everything. But the older one is quite picky, she doesn't want to eat mushroom, onion and celery.

Sweet Jasmine said...

This is what i call healthy food....but my hubby and sons dislike celery....and would not have tofu cook this way....

Big Boys Oven said...

this is defintely a healthy dish! my aunt usual collect the dried mushroom stem, soak it into water overnight, cut them into small cubes, stir fry with cube hard tofu, cube long beans with oyster sauce and chilli padi!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sweet Jasmine,
Like that susah lah. I bet they like the Jap. dashi stock version with bonito flakes on top eh.

I like your aunt version by adding chilli padi and long beans! I keep my dried mushroom stem for boiling soup only. But next time must add long beans with chilli padi, great idea! Thanks!