Monday, July 16, 2007

Potstickers/ Guotie

I made Guotie last week, which is a pan-fried version of Jiaozi. In U.S., we called this potstickers. I have been deciding on whether to deep-fry it, boil it or pan-fry this little dumplings and ended out with pan-frying them. I think it's healthier than deep-fry and so much quicker too (since I can do a bunch of them in a non-stick pan). I love the crispy skin at the bottom and soft top skin with moist and juicy filling. Normally we serve Guotie with vinegar soy sauce and chili.

I made two dipping sauces for my potstickers. The top one is sweet vinegar soy sauce with chili oil and chopped scallion. The bottom one is salty vinegar soy sauce with sliced gingers. Of course I also have Sriracha hot chili sauce as an additional dipping sauce (not shown). Got to have my chili right? :)


Anonymous said...

nice blog...I do want to alert you that burnt food (ie the crispy skin of the pot stickers) is not good for our health; it's carcinogic

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Look so crispy and yummy!

WokandSpoon said...

Mmmmm, your dipping sauces look lovely!

Home Cooking said...

wow! i luv it ^_^

Anonymous said...


I love your blog with the good food receipes. May I know the secret to frying good potstickers? yours look amazing? I can't manage to get the bottom nice and crispy with the insides cooked!


Anonymous said...

I love to dip mine in vingear ginger sauce. They are so delicious.

Anonymous said...

looks yummy! =)----

did u do the skin from scratch?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Anon, will take note! :)

Thanks V. Evy had six in one go.

Thanks wokandspoon & ISha.

Hi Anon,
Slightly grease your non-stick pan with oil, heat on med-high heat and add in your potstickers. Let it brown at the bottom and add in some water, covered and let it steam cooked the dumplings, probably 5 mins or so. Then, open the cover and let the bottom crisp up, serve!

Cooking Ninja,
I love the vinegar ginger sauce with Guotie too, they match so well together!

Thanks tweetybird,
No lah, I used Twin Dragon wontan wrapper and use a cutter to cut it in circle, that's the only wrapper I had at home so got to make do. :P

Lee Ping said...

Dear Little Corner of Mine,

Our children's all time favorite is potstickers, pan fried and boiled are equally welcomed.

I have a few friends from Mainland China, in particular, Beijing, and they taught me how to make potstickers' skin from just flour and water. It is a workout to roll out individual skin but it is very rewarding because fresh skin does tastes better. Since the skin is fresh, it is very elastic and not dry.

SteamyKitchen said...

beautiful potstickers!

Anonymous said...

Potstickers are in my to-do list :D
I think pan-frying is the norm, right? You have to add some water at the base, cover the pan, and let the steam cook the inside while the bottom of the guotie gets "burnt" on-purpose. Hmmm I like I like! Yum!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lee Ping,
You know me lah, I'm too lazy to make my own wrapper. :P

Thanks SteamyKitchen!

Yes, yes Tigerfish! That's the way to do it! :)

daphne said...

HI there! Guotie brings me back memories! I used to have them in a food court in SG but that place has since shut down when I moved to Perth WA.
I really enjoy reading your entries. Keep posting!!! I have also added your blog to my links.. if you don't mind?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks daphne for your kind words. Will try my best! :)
Yes, feel free to link me as well.

Mandy said...

love potstickers! We normally just buy the frozen one from Chinese grocery store and panfry a few when I am too lazy to cook ;p