Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Evy Update

She is getting big huh?

Now she is at this age that asks a lot of questions and loves to ask why. Sometimes she purposely asked me/daddy a question when she already knew the answer, just wanted to hear us say it. She is also like a "little old lady" who loves to repeat herself over and over again. To me, she is worst than the old lady since she would ask the same question 4 to 5 times in a row even though we have already answered her. I asked her, "Why are you so long winded?" or have to tell her, "Enough already!".

Oh, finally she is potty trained at 3 years & 2 months old. I didn't seriously start until she is after 3 because I'm a lazy mama. But just as the expert said, "When they are ready, they are." With her, it was fairly easy, a few accidents in the beginning and then smooth sailing after. Luckily the training pants that I bought for her can pass down to her sister. :)


Edith said...

Her looks didn't really change, simply love those cheeks of hers.

WokandSpoon said...

Too cute for words!!

Home Cooking said...

Evy, u r very cute lil gil >_<

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Edith, wokandspoon and I Sha! :)

Lee Ping said...

I am waiting for my Mom to come (in August) to train Little Chicken. :)

Little Tiger and Dragon were trained by my Mom. I am too distracted by everything else (like cooking, blogging, etc.) to train Little Chicken.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Lee Ping,
You are so lucky. Got your mama to help you train little chicken! That's great and you can whip up more delicious food for us. :)

Lee Ping said...

Dear Little Corner of Mine,

You are right, I am very fortunate to have Mom help me out with potty training. Unfortunately, Mom is only staying for 2 months. She has to go back to my sister's and take care of her baby.

p/s Smart kids ask the "why" questions. Evy is smart!