Monday, May 07, 2007

Homemade Ais-Kacang

Homemade red beans, canned palm seeds ("Attap Chee"), creamy corns and green liang fun. Note: I found canned red beans for dessert topping as well but very expensive at $4 a canned! So, decided to make my own.

With shave ice on top.

With evaporated milk and gula melaka syrup and ready to serve!

This is the automatic shave ice maker for home use, by Hawai Ice.

Now we can make our own ais-kacang especially if you live in an area where no M'sian/S'porean restaurants are serving ais-kacang and you have a craving for it. :0)

For those who don't know, ais-kacang is a shave ice dessert that served in M'sia and S'pore. The direct translation of this is red bean ice also known as ABC (Air Batu Campur). It used to be just beans and ice but these days a lot of ingredients have been added. Some even served with special topping such as ice-cream, chocolate syrup or pureed durian. In a warm tropical climate such as M'sia/S'pore, a bowl of this delicious ais-kacang definitely is a great way to cool down the body.



Wah!! I always dreamed to have the auto shave ice maker at home when I was a kid. Hahaha... around how much does it cost?

cocoa said...

I miss Ice Kacang.. they looks yummy.. I wish i live close to you :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Lee Ping said...

Dear Little Corner Of Mine,

This is exactly what I crave for tonight. Today felt like summer and dinner was a little on the salty side. Simple, yummy dessert!

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's very cheap now. I saw it few days ago at SuperTarget for $9.99 (other brand but it's automatic).

Cocoa, it's delicious. Go buy one and make it yourself for this summer.

Thanks V. :)

Thanks Lee Ping. It would be so nice during the hot summer days. Now I just have to go stock up on those ingredients. :)

Anonymous said...

LOoks super delicious. I bought one (Ice shaver) exactly like yours for US$2.50 (yup, BARGAIN) at a clearance sale(last one) a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear LC'M
Your ice kachang looks super delicious. I make rose syrup with rose essence on top of gula melaka syrup, evaporated milk and coconut milk. - a bit of each for flavour. xxxx calories!!!
I have the same ice shaver - paid only US$2.50 at a department store clearance sale (last one on display and they can't find the box)- what a bargain!
BTW your girls are gorgeous. Cute, cute.

Anonymous said...

Ching, im thinking of ordering via ur ice shaver. Can u please advise :
1) the model no of this Hawaiice shaver?

2) whts the watts it uses? I realize tht i will need a voltage converter since Oz is different than USA! We use 220V n USA is 120V, i think!

3) does it use any ice cubes or do we have to use its own specific ice mould?

Ur pic shows the ice shavings really fine like the ones back in Malaysia/Sg. I went out yesterday to get a Snow ice shaver in Perth but alamak....the one here is so coarse little ice can they call it snow!! Now. i will have to try to return it later today!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Anon,
What a steal!! I got mine for $15 and it was on sales. I would love to add rose syrup the next time too, just that I had thrown away my rose essence and haven't bought a replacement yet. Love the rose essence on ice-kacang too! Yum!

Thanks for your compliments on my girls. :)

Hi Lissa,
My Hawaiice Electric Shaver Model is Model S-660. It's 120V 60watts.

It comes with 2 ice containers for you to make ice. The shape of the ice will fit the ice shaver. However, you can use ice-cubes to do the job as well. The ice shavings is really fine and melt really quick too! Can use it for cendol too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ching,
Thks for the info. I just ordered one from ebay for US$71.89! The S&H charges actually costs more than the Hawaiice shaver!! Im so envious of u - living in USA must be sooo...wonderful, u can buy so many things online n there is such a big variety to choose from. I can just drool over this electreic waffle maker I saw in - just US$80 but the S&H will costs another US$376 to sent it to OZ! :((


Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome Lissa. Oh my god, the S&H shocked me, I didn't know it costs so much to ship to other countries!

Yes, it's really wonderful here because everything is afforable and cheap compared to other countries. Hope this ice-shaver works well for you too! :)

Anonymous said...


Where did you get the creamy corn & atap chi?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Serena,
I can get creamy corn at any of the angmoh supermarket here. As for atap chi, I have to buy it in Asian store. They sells the canned atap chi.