Friday, May 25, 2007

Beginning of Crawling

Why is my baby still not sleeping through the night? She is still waking up 2-3 times at night to feed and sometimes won't want to sleep right away and prefer some playtime. I got fed up when I'm tired and sleepy and my baby wants to play. Luckily her father is a night owl, so often time I can just carry her downstair and leave her to her daddy. Evy slept through the night at 3 months, but got up and fed once a night from 6-9 months and slept through the night again at 9 months. With this Edda, I just don't see the time coming soon. I would be so happy if she just wake up once a night but no, she has to wake up every so often, sometimes up to 4 times!! :( Why huh?

Edda just finished her lunch of green peas, some Gerber puffs and a teething biscuit. Sometimes if mommy is lazy, I will eat what mommy eats, like rice with tiny pieces of chicken/meat and veggie.

Edda begins to show sign of crawling at 7+ months. And finally she is flipping over.

Gives mommy a smile!

Evy saying, "Hi!"


Anonymous said...

Hi C,
Your girls are so adorable! Sorry no advice on Edda, but they are both so cute! :)

Chawanmushi said...

You two lovely dds :-)
Maybe growth spurts...making dd nursing more in the night?

Lee Ping said...

Dear Little Corner of Mine,

I am sorry that your daughter is not sleeping thru the night. It must be tiring and frustrating to you, especially when you need some time for yourself, where you can do your own thing.

My 3 children have different personalities. But what I noticed is whenever they cannot sleep is
1) still hungry
2) not comfortable
(too hot/cold, overflowed diaper, teething)
3) sick

I think stay-home Moms have the most challenging jobs. You deserve a pat on your back for all the food recipes you've been posting for us as well as making your home warm for your family.

Lydia Teh (bestsellers writer of 3 books) has a blog that you can post questions to, if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Edda is really cute!

is she getting enough feeds during the day? when ds was still a baby, I read that if the baby doesnt have enough in the day, she would get up for night feeds. why not give her slightly more milk just before she sleeps? It worked for me. give it a try & let me know.

jadepearl said...

They are so cute and adorable! With regards to waking up at nite, according to my PD, its becoz they are not full. That's why some PDs advice to feed the baby before the mummy goes to sleep. However, this did not work for my son..he cannot be forced feed. Another thing which one of my friends did - bought the infant milk powder for nite feeds. Maybe you can try that?! Good luck!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ladies for your kind compliment and good advice. When I talked to my friend the other day, she also told me because she is not fulled. Now I'm pondering whether to start her on bottle again because apparently I don't produce enough milk to let her sleep through the night.

Or maybe I should try feeding her baby food just before her bedtime and hopefully with breastfeeding that would be enough? Will try this first!

Thanks ladies. Oh yeah I think she is also teething too since I have notice more drooling these days.